Video: Andy Samberg rips the Lumineers as rip-off artists at Independent Spirit Awards

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Video below.
Last week, our Backbeat blog played Hater v. Homer with Denver's own Lumineers -- and at this weekend's Independent Spirit Awards, host Andy Samberg did likewise. "Those Silver Linings Playbook ads are on so much, you can't avoid them," he said in his opening monologue. "With that Lumineers song? So catchy. And I've got to say, I like the Lumineers. They're like Mumford & Sons...." The punchline to this last observation is that there wasn't a punchline. Ouch!

Check out the video below: The bit starts at about the 7:45 minute mark.

More from our Sacred Cow Tippers archive: "Hater vs Homer: The Lumineers are the worst band ever. No, wait, they're the best band ever."

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Wasn't that funny. But I agree with Luke. It's true. Modern folk music. 

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@Luke Bradley Very succinctly put, Luke. Thanks for the post.

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