Theater shooting case: Judge denies city of Aurora's request to lift gag order

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Update: In an order dated February 11, Judge William Sylvester denied the city of Aurora's request to lift a gag order in place since the early days of the theater shooting case. The city asked for permission "to speak publicly about the city's response to the theater shootings, and to release the recordings of the two 911 calls played in open court." However, Sylvester concluded that he "is not in a position to authorize, or prohibit, the release of information as requested by the city of Aurora." Read his entire ruling below.

Original post: Aurora theater shooting victims are being harassed by "proponents of purported 'conspiracies,'" according to a motion filed by prosecutors requesting that victims' names be redacted from court documents if the gag order in the case is lifted, as the city of Aurora requested. Some of the harassers "have even gone so far as to ... publically post maps with the home addresses and phone numbers of victims on various social media sites," the motion says.

Last month, the City of Aurora asked Judge William Sylvester to revise a gag order that prohibits law enforcement agents from discussing what happened on July 20, when twelve people were killed and seventy were wounded due to a gunman opening fire at the Century 16 theater. "The city has refused numerous give presentations regarding the theater shooting," an attorney for the city wrote in a motion. Given that "extensive factual testimony" was heard at a preliminary hearing in early January, the city's attorney argued that Sylvester should consider whether the gag order "is now moot."

But prosecutors and defense attorneys for suspect James Holmes don't want the order lifted. However, if the judge decides to do so, prosecutors ask that victims' names be left out. Some victims are key witnesses in the case, prosecutors say. Redacting their names "will both prevent future unnecessary harm to these victim(s) and signal to the public, and to the victim(s), that this court is concerned with the careful administration of justice in this case," they write in a motion on view below.

In a motion also seen here, attorneys for Holmes say they're concerned that lifting the gag order "will jeopardize his right to a fair trial by an impartial jury."

The conspiracy theorists mentioned by prosecutors do indeed exist. In August, someone filed a bizarre court motion asserting that Holmes "is being framed by [Denver billionaire] Philip Anschutz, police chief Dan Oates, and the illuminati." And in January, a person covered the women's bathroom at the Arapahoe County District Courthouse, where the case is being heard, with Post-it notes bearing a web address for a YouTube page with an hour-and-a-half-long film called The James Holmes Conspiracy.

Read the motions -- and Sylvester's ruling -- below.

People's Response to Aurora's Motion re: Reconsideration of Pre-Trial Publicity Orders

Defense Response to Aurora's Motion Re: Reconsideration of Pre-Trial Publicity Orders

Order Re: Motion Regarding Reconsideration of Pre-Trial Publicity Orders

More from our Aurora Theater Shooting archive: "Fox News tells James Holmes's lawyers it will 'vigorously' defend reporter against subpoena."

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A chimpanzee with decent eyesight could tell the difference between the fake James Homes and the real James Holmes. In case anyone is not convinced, however, look at James Egan Holmes in profile in the video below. It clearly shows his ears, and some of the photographs of the fake Holmes are nearly in profile. The ears do not match. Those who are more technically qualified than myself need to download enlarged still photos of the real James Egan Holmes's ears and the imposter's ears.

Not the real James Holmes­­q=not+the+real+­james+holmes&hl­=en&tbo=u&tbm=i­sch&source=univ­&sa=X&ei=GrgVUb­KRGZS00AHm_YG4D­A&sqi=2&ved=0CE­cQsAQ&biw=1440&­bih=699

See a video of the real James Egan Holmes, and don’t try to tell me that anyone changes THAT much in appearance in six years. http://abcnews.­­o/james-holmes-­video-alleged-k­iller-released-­16830275


well well this all sounds so familiar.....they think you are stupid.  Are you all stupid?  Is questioning ANYTHING now HARRASSMENT?  Id concern myself more with paying the struggling families the millions that were raised for them to help heal that they have withheld from many of them. (until their story matches up correctly, that is)........ dont fret that someone is curious....I mean its gonna raise questions when the courtroom cant even have an AUDIO RECORDING...hmmmm.  You care for victims being "harrassed".  you can kill it now, simply release the security footage that MUST exist- shut em up. That wont happen though, oh no....this is just about making people out to be loonies if they dont buy into your agenda.  Well. Those in charge could end it now- they choose not to. So who is really to blame?  And really, disappoint me.  Objective and fair reporting is nowhere, not even here- what happened? you drank the kool aid too? tsk tsk. My heart goes out to the VICTIMS, may they get justice for all the wrongs theyve endured. First the violence and now the endless exploitation. Knock it off-have respect.


APD as well as the rest of the criminals operating the courts in Arapahoe county rely on PROPAGANDA as above,  to misdirect the civil suits towards the theater rather than the patrolmen who entered the building 'all guns blazing' , leveling ANYTHING that moved .

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Should Mentally Deranged Conspiracy Kooks be Allowed to Possess Firearms ?



Another very strange yet not very publicized anomoly is the suspicious drowning of the nurse who "saw it all" Jennifer Gallagher.  (google it) Supposedly went out , by herself, middle of the night on a boat at a lake in Utah I think(not sure) and she was found dead the following morning.  You think thatd be NEWS around here, she was a HERO!  Just curious. But Ill shut up. I apologize for thinking. Im all done- ta-ta


Who decides who is deranged? So far you are sounding a little hostile. In so few words even.....little concerning. You WANT to live in a police state? Cause thats where this mindwarped thinking is going. Public schooling and flouridation was a success! God Bless

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