Twenty most memorable athletes' mug shots -- in honor of Todd Helton

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Number 12: San Francisco 49er Randy Moss
randy moss mug shot.jpg

Number 11: Former Denver Bronco Brandon Marshall

brandon marshall large mug shot.jpg

Number 10: Former Chicago Bull Dennis Rodman

dennis rodman mug shot.jpg

Number 9: Former Denver Bronco Laurence Maroney

laurence maroney mug shot large.jpg
Continue to count down our twenty most memorable athletes' mug shots -- in honor of Todd Helton.
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Where's Jason Kidd and his mug from when he thumped his first wife Joumana or recent DWI arrest?

David Kotzebue
David Kotzebue

Todd can afford a limo or a cab. Totally unnecessary.

Caleb Newquist
Caleb Newquist

When did Westword become a slideshow, pageview whore rag?


@Wayne DeNucci   he's not the champ if he bit off  Evander Holyfield's ear off......didn't you watch the bite fight back in the 1990s? He bit the shit out of his ear and spit it out. Why don't you review your boxing history.

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