Photos: Fifteen most memorable mug shots of January 2013

Categories: Crime

andrew terry mug shot large.jpg
Andrew Terry.
Read more in "Andrew Terry gets 202 year habitual-criminal jolt after drunkenly running over officer's foot."

david calderon mug shot.jpg
David Calderon.
Read more in "David Calderon won't face charges (yet) in alleged kidnapping of Johnstown teen."

rhonda eisenberg mug shot.jpg
Rhonda Eisenberg.
Read more in "Rhonda Eisenberg, teacher, pleads guilty to sexually assaulting student, having his child."

More from our Mug Shots archive: "Thirty most memorable mug shots -- and most shocking crimes -- of 2012."

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Sareena is cute, kinda thick but she's got a cute face

Aundra Thompson
Aundra Thompson

Defending a pedophile...then gramatical errors...brought back around to not pointing out they would have actually saved someone from RAPE even though stealing his money isn't "right" ....the sicko deserves WAY worse than what they intended

Claire Starling
Claire Starling

Too many spelling and tense mistakes for a published magazine.

Brad Aerts
Brad Aerts

Wait are you defending a pedophile

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