Bridgette Sandoval's schmucky excuse for weird police chase...or maybe it's brilliant

Her orders? Sandoval said an unnamed person "put me in a car and told me to and don't stop."

Sandoval wouldn't say why these individuals were doing such terrible things to her, although she mentioned that she'd been burned in the chest by a cigarette. She also said she wanted her blood drawn, presumably to prove that she was under the influence -- as if that alone would prove she was telling the truth.

christopher villa bmw.jpg
The stolen BMW, with an arrow pointing to body damage allegedly resulting from the Colorado chase.
With Sandoval in custody, the search continued for the man in the BMW -- and a little over a week later, according to KWTX-TV, police got a tip that the vehicle was in Moody, Texas. The gray sedan had been spray-painted black and its BMW insignia was no longer in place, but cops felt certain it was the same car, in part because it showed body damage from the Colorado chase.

A couple of days of investigating later, police grabbed a man they initially thought was named Joe Ryan Vela. But that moniker turned out to be a pseudonym for Christopher Villa, who reportedly had a "laundry list" of priors.

Did he use a needle to make Sandoval do his bidding? Or was she a willing accomplice who handled the hypodermic herself? Well, she was arrested on suspicion of aggravated motor vehicle theft, vehicular eluding, criminal impersonation, reckless driving and theft, which gives you an idea of where the police are leaning.

Schmuckiness hasn't been added to Sandoval's charges yet, but there's always that possibility.

Look below to see mug shots of Sandoval and Villa, a KWTX report broadcast before Villa's capture, and Sandoval's police report.

Bridgette Sandoval mug shot.jpg
Bridgette Sandoval.

christopher villa mug shot.jpg
Christopher Villa.

Bridgette Sandoval Arrest Affidavit

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

The old "they forced me to inject meth and heroin" defense.


Excuses are like asshole, we all ......

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