Reader: Stop-yield laws might work with polite cyclists, but not rude ones

Our post about a cycling advocate's call for stop-yield laws -- rules that allow bicyclists to yield at stop signs rather than coming to a complete halt -- became a repository for passionate arguments, pro and con. Here's a post from someone who has no problems when it comes to some cyclists, but plenty with others.

Jay Jurgens writes:

Is it really going to matter? While some cyclists are polite and use common sense, I constantly see bicyclists doing what they want because they are hiding under pedestrian laws and extremely rude. God forbid someone says something to them and you're harassing them. If you want to do something make them OBEY traffic laws and make them start paying road fees to pay for their riding areas.

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Thats because all motorist are rays of sunshine that follow all the traffic rules and when they come to a completed stop at stop signs, behind the stop line and not in the crosswalk I might add, it takes forever for them to get rolling again because the are constantly saying "no you go first good sir", "Oh no I insist that you go first my fine gentleman".  The niceties never end with these motorist I tell you.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

  • Mandatory Registration for ALL Bicycles that operate on Public Roads!
  • Mandatory Licensing for ALL Cyclists who operate on Public Roads!
  • Mandatory License Plates for ALL Bicycles that operate on Public Roads!
  • Mandatory Liability Insurance for ALL cyclists / bicycles on Public Roads!

-- No More Free Rides for Cyclists! --

-- Regulate, Tax, Restrict and Control --


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