David Sirota asks: Is Denver a police state?

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David Sirota.
David Sirota was disappeared from KHOW last month -- but that doesn't mean he's done communicating about Denver. His new report for Salon asks the question, "What Does a Police State Look Like?" -- and the Mile High City is his answer. He not only goes after the Denver Police Department (for its alleged brutality), but also officials (for defending civil-rights violations, among other things). And then there's the Denver Post, which he slaps for suggesting that outlawing armed police drones might be "a step too far." Sirota no longer has a radio platform, but he's far from silent. To read his Salon piece, click here.

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KathleenChippi topcommenter

The country is in a police state....and now the only PRIVATE  form of communication between 2 people is the US Post Office--and congress has bankrupted that. 

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

"What Does a Police State Look Like?" is the perfect response to the person who believes we do NOT live in a police state. By prompting the denier to indicate what qualifies as a police state, you can usually indicate that it is, in fact, a police state, by reasonable definitions. Come up with borderline behavior that defines a police state, and you can generally find it was reported sometime in the last couple years (and went uncorrected) in the news. The point isn't arguing over the nitty gritty. The point is that the worst things people can imagine ARE going on and ARE mostly going uncorrected.


Roberts, thanks for the 'Salon' link . I've shared it w/ many . 

Ignore the 'haters' !

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