Videos: Top five trades in Denver Nuggets history

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Number 4: June 25, 2009. Denver trades its first round pick (Luke Babbitt) to the Minnesota Timberwolves on draft day for Ty Lawson.

This trade is still playing out, of course, but it sure looks like the Nuggets came out way ahead. In his three years in the league, Lawson has increased his scoring and assist averages each season, as well as leading one of the most explosive offenses in the league. The Nuggets like to run, and Lawson, with his world-class speed, is the perfect point guard to helm this team. He still has difficulty finishing around the rim among the trees if the paint is too packed, but his exceptional speed and improving mid-range game is forcing teams to respect him as a multi-dimensional threat. Since Lawson took over as the primary ball handler last season, the team has improved, and he is looking like one of the league's emerging point guards. Luke Babbitt, on the other hand, has had trouble finding regular minutes despite showing some flashes as a deep threat for the Portland Trail Blazers this year. Lawson is dynamic, intelligent and, best of all, young. As long as the team keeps him around, he'll continue to be one of the better draft-day decisions made by the franchise.

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That's quite a financial, short term, commitment to KG & I really don't see that being the move to raise the Nuggs amongst the West's elite . 

I can't stand when teams make deals JUST to make deals .

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