Videos of 2013's biggest snowstorm to date: Dogs, cats, Napoleon Dynamite, snow bongs

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denver snowstorm cat.jpg
Videos below.
What to do when you're trapped inside by Denver's biggest snowstorm of 2013? Make and share weird-ass videos, of course! We've collected the strangest from the last white, lumpy day, including clips of dogs romping, cats pussyfooting, dudes turning skateboards into snowboards, a man playing with a talking Napoleon Dynamite doll and a guy giving a bong lesson amid swirling flakes. Check them out below.

Continue with more oddball videos from 2013's biggest snowstorm to date.

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I love AK, but I couldn't even get through 90 seconds of that guy. Look for the old 90's version of AK, Simon, the breeder, has admitted to it becoming more Indica over the years through selective breeding. Still excellent, but the old school Sativa dominate clones from when he was winning all the cups is a special cut indeed. And the flavor is almost overwhelming. That's it, I'm gonna put a little snow in the bong and get to business. 

Stacey Rogers
Stacey Rogers

Watching these videos reminded me: $10 per cat spay/neuter clinic will be held at Planned Pethood on Tennyson & 44th in Denver Sunday, March 17th. They plan on doing 200-300 cats, so if you know anyone who might be interested, please spread the word. Need to call ahead to make a reservation! Contact: 303-433-3291 4170 Tennyson St., Denver, CO 80212 Please spay and neuter your pets!

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