Edward Romero found guilty of horrific Alicia Martinez murder

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Big photos below.
After more than two years, the family, friends and loved ones of Alicia Martinez finally, finally, finally got to witness the conviction of Edward Romero in the 2010 murder of the sixteen year old -- one of the most brutal slayings in recent memory.

Details, photos of the principals, videos and an interactive graphic below.

As we've reported, Martinez disappeared on October 22, 2010, following a party she'd attended with an older friend, and shortly thereafter, Denver Police arrested Romero on suspicion of first degree murder. However, it took a while for the coroner's office to positively identify the victim, in part because of what was described in a release as "some disfigurement." This turned out to be a considerable understatement. Martinez was ultimately ID'd through the use of dental records.

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A photo of Alicia Martinez shared at a vigil on her behalf.
That December, Denver District Attorney's Office spokeswoman Lynn Kimbrough took the highly unusual step of contacting media outlets prior to the release of the autopsy report to encourage reporters to be responsible about sharing the shocking results, for the sake of Martinez's family. And no wonder, since Martinez's body had been dismembered. Some parts were never found, and skin was removed from others.

Days later, Francesca Pagliasotti, Romero's girlfriend, was accused of being an accessory to first-degree murder. Her trial wound up being scheduled prior to his, and in opening statements, prosecutor Henry Cooper laid out the awful case in more detail than had previously been shared with the public.

According to Cooper, Pagliasotti wasn't home when Romero allegedly killed Martinez by shooting her twice in the head. But upon her arrival, she found him in the garage, chopping up the girls' body; he's said to have put some of the smaller pieces into the kitchen blender.

alicia martinez image 2.jpg
Another look at Alicia.
That's the kind of sight that would inspire most people to call the cops immediately. But not Pagliasotti, who has two children with Romero. The morning after, Cooper maintained, she got out a mop and a bucket and started cleaning up Martinez's blood.

During his turn before the jury, Craig Mastro, Pagliasotti's attorney, argued that his client's behavior was motivated by systematic long-term abuse on Romero's part. He said that over time, Romero had raped her, stabbed her in the back and treated her like a dog.

Nonetheless, Pagliasotti was convicted and sentenced to ten years behind bars for her actions -- and she was front and center during Romero's trial, which found the suspect pleading not guilty by reason of insanity.

In testimony, Pagliasotti reportedly told jurors that upon her return to the home she shared with Romero on the 22nd, he confessed that "I did something bad. I did something bad." He then led her to the garage, where Martinez was naked and dead on a couch, blood spattering her face.

Continue for more about Edward Romero's conviction, including photos, videos and an interactive graphic.

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Has the insanity defense EVER stood in a Colorado courtroom ?

Shanti Klemm
Shanti Klemm

One of the things that baffles me about the death penalty vs. life sentence is how a jury comes to the conclusion of what crime warrants which. A man can brutalize a little girl in such a manner and get life? How disgusting of a crime does a jury need to be OK with a death sentence? I am normally not an advocate of capital punishment, and one of the reasons why is because it's obviously too subjective and random to be a deterrent...this being a case in point.

Rick Wainwright
Rick Wainwright

I agree.. He deserves the death penalty. I am not always for the death penalty.. but as a civil society.. there are certain things we cannot tolerate. This was senseless..2 families looses a loved one. 2 families destroyed forever. Prayers go out to both families

Adrian Laine
Adrian Laine

If anyone deserves the death penalty....

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