Edward Romero found guilty of horrific Alicia Martinez murder

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Romero claimed not to remember what happened, informing Pagliasotti that he had blacked out.

At that point, Pagliasotti went on, Romero asked her to grab some trash bags from another room, and when she got back, he had already detached her arms from the rest of her body and was trying to do likewise with one leg through the use of a machete. He continued chopping until some of her remains were so small that he tried flushing them down a toilet.

alicia martinez family after verdict.jpg
Alicia Martinez's loved ones react to the verdict.
Romero's attorneys didn't deny these actions over the course of the trial. Rather, as CBS4 pointed out, they claimed he suffered from Dissociative Identity Disorder, as well as another personality disorder, due to past abuses. As such, he had no memory of the killing itself -- just of his efforts to conceal it.

In the end, a jury didn't buy this argument, finding Romero guilty of every count against him. He'll be sentenced in March.

Look below for lots of supplementary material: booking photos of Romero and Pagliasotti, a CBS4 report from yesterday, 9News coverage from March 2012 and late 2010, and an interactive graphic showing the area near the scene. If you have problems seeing the image, click "View Larger Map."

edward timothy romero mug shot.JPG
Edward Timothy Romero.

Pagliasotti, Francesca.jpg
Francesca Pagliasotti.

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Has the insanity defense EVER stood in a Colorado courtroom ?

Shanti Klemm
Shanti Klemm

One of the things that baffles me about the death penalty vs. life sentence is how a jury comes to the conclusion of what crime warrants which. A man can brutalize a little girl in such a manner and get life? How disgusting of a crime does a jury need to be OK with a death sentence? I am normally not an advocate of capital punishment, and one of the reasons why is because it's obviously too subjective and random to be a deterrent...this being a case in point.

Rick Wainwright
Rick Wainwright

I agree.. He deserves the death penalty. I am not always for the death penalty.. but as a civil society.. there are certain things we cannot tolerate. This was senseless..2 families looses a loved one. 2 families destroyed forever. Prayers go out to both families

Adrian Laine
Adrian Laine

If anyone deserves the death penalty....

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