Ella Moon, R.I.P.: Moon Farm matriarch was a true Colorado original

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This is very nicely done. Thank you for remembering my Aunt and Uncle in such a special way. They truly were very special people. Not only was Ella my Aunt (my favorite aunt) but she was my dance teacher, my boss at day camp for years, my inspiration, my mentor, the woman that challenged me and the woman that loved me with her whole being. She had so much love to give and hosting thousands of children, teaching them about Imagination, adventure, compassion, love of everything living and care for others was the only way that she knew how to give all of her love. We as her family are so very grateful for all of the warm wishes send by so many of "her kids" :) Thank you all so very much :)  ... Cara Curfew-Kociela ... P.S. glad my photos could come of use for you :)


Wonderful story, great remembrance.

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