Frederick Allen, diabetic, dosed CU student with insulin and raped her, jury finds

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Because Frederick Allen is a diabetic, he uses insulin on a regular basis. But while the substance is a life-saver for him, it led to horror for a CU-Boulder student. Allen has now been convicted of giving her the drug without her consent and raping her while she was incapacitated. We've got details from the disturbing indictment, on view below.

On the evening of February 22, 2011, the indictment maintains, Allen went to the Sundown Saloon on the Pearl Street Mall in Boulder. There, he encountered the unnamed student, who was there with friends.

Allen and the student are said to have been acquainted, but they hadn't really talked at length until that night -- and the conversation stretched past midnight.

sundown saloon boulder.jpg
The Sundown Saloon.
During the early hours of the 23rd, Allen offered to walk the student home. She lived near the Sundown with two roommates, but one of them was out of town and the other was asleep upon their arrival. The latter woke up briefly when Allen and the student entered the residence, but put in earplugs and turned on some music to prevent her from being disturbed again.

The next morning, the roommate got ready to go to a dentist appointment, noticing a pair of men's dress shoes before she split. Upon her return, at around 1 p.m., the shoes were gone and the student was still locked in her bedroom. However, her breathing was so labored -- the word the roommate uses in the indictment is "wheezy" -- that she could hear it through the door.

Even so, the roommate didn't think the student was in trouble until about 10 p.m., after she'd taken a nap and returned from a late-afternoon departure. This time, the student's door was unlocked, and when the roommate looked inside, she was alarmed at what she saw. She told investigators that the room was a mess, with a picture having been knocked off the wall, and the student was naked beneath a single sheet and seemingly disoriented, with her eyes rolling around and unable to focus. She appeared to have vomited as well.

The roommate dialed 911, and by the time the student arrived at the hospital, she was in what's described as a catatonic state, with her limbs rigid, her legs drawn up and her eyes open but darting back and forth.

Why? Doctors determined that the student's blood sugar levels were dangerously low due to severe hypoglycemia likely caused by either an intravenous or subcutaneous injection of insulin. Additionally, a sex assault nurse examiner saw various bruises and abrasions on her legs and vaginal area consistent with having been sexually assaulted.

Continue for more about Frederick Allen's conviction, including the indictment.

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