Gun control: Senator Morgan Carroll on disruption at Aurora town hall

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Sen. Morgan Carroll
The debate over gun control continues to get ugly.

The same week Franklin Sain was arrested for sending Representative Rhonda Fields allegedly harassing, racist e-mails vocal, pro-gun audience members at an Aurora Town Hall meeting antagonized Senator Morgan Carroll, who felt the need for a security escort afterward.

Several days after the incident, which took place on February 21, Brenda Francis, the media director for Firearms for Colorado, sent out a press release with the headling, "MORGAN CARROLL FLEES OWN TOWN HALL--TO AVOID GUN OWNERS' QUESTIONS." Francis wrote that Carroll "sprinted from her own town hall Thursday night, at the Community College of Aurora, Colorado, while citizens insisted on an audience with her." The release went on to state that the theme of the meeting, "Getting to know your courts," was "not published on her web site, newsletter, or Facebook page...."

Nonetheless, the post with the theme of the town hall meeting does exist; it's dated February 19, and was followed the next day by this Twitter notification.

According to Francis, she sent the press release four days after the meeting because she worried it would get lost in the media cycle on Friday and the subsequent weekend snowstorm. "The media really hypes of up the snow," she said. "I just thought that some of the bigger media outlets, they don't pay attention to anything except the snow."

Francis says many of those who showed up expected to have a conversation about gun control. In her words, "most people were anticipating an ability to have a conversation. A lot of us had not ever been to a political thing like this, and so people were a little bit at first annoyed that it was this was 'learn about your courts' legislative judicial panel."

As for Carroll, she was surprised that so many people showed up expecting to talk about guns, since the topic had already been covered -- twice. "We've done one on gun violence and we've done one on mental health," she said. "We've actually covered this from two different angles. We usually pick a new topic every Thursday, but we usually don't do the same topic twice in one year."

Following the meeting, Carroll posted a tweet indicating she may have been threatened at the meeting:

Continue for more about the gun-control disruption at the Aurora town hall.

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No Snakes
No Snakes

This is a very emotional topic.  I am pro-gun, but I'm not about to throw down on somebody just because they disagree with me.  I would rather kick back with a latte and just talk about it.  Agree to disagree and such.  People like (in)Sain need therapy, because not only is that kind of crap (profanity, racism, anger) unacceptable and uncalled for, it's not healthy.  The boy is going to give himself a stroke.

I agree with Monkey.  Adding more guns into the mix is just asking for trouble.  It’s like putting 100 roosters in a small room.  It won’t be pretty.  People just need to take a breath and be rational instead of emotional.


"members of the Democratic caucus are considering having security present at their respective town hall meetings"

In other words, we are scared of guns and the people who possess them. Therefor, we need security, most likely armed security with concealed weapons and/or large magazine capacity.

Apparently, everyone reacts to threats the same way, by adding more guns to the situation.

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