Five weirdest stories of job hate

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Sometimes, people get revenge on their workplace -- and sometimes their workplace gets revenge on them. We're not sure which of these descriptions best fits a man's bizarre car crash into the Boulder restaurant where he worked on Monday -- more on that below. But it got us thinking about other stories of employees who said goodbye to their job in memorable ways. Check out our favorites below, complete with links to previous coverage.

Number 5: "Jennifer Gomes, PE teacher, allegedly left bomb threat because she didn't want to be at school."

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Jennifer Gomes.
It's a temptation pretty much every student has felt -- the urge to make a bomb threat because of an impending test or an awful assignment or the feeling that there was something more important to do than go to school.

Example: In 2011, someone put a note on the door of Escuela de Guadalupe School reading, "There is a bomb inside."

The twist? The person accused was Jennifer Gomes, the school's P.E. teacher. She later admitting to doing so to police, because she wasn't that into going to work that day.

We've been there, Jennifer. But most of us sucked it up and went anyway.

Continue to keep counting down our five weirdest stories of work revenge.

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Vince Miller
Vince Miller

I work retail and a former coworker hated her job so much she would routinely defecate into Ralph Lauren polo shirts and fold them neatly and put them back on the table


The only "weird" story was the self-stabbing incident.  All the other ones are just stealing and being intoxicated and driving your car into the building.  Oh and the dumb bomb threat.  Not all that "weird".

Justin Jones
Justin Jones

My buddy taped a stink bomb under the leg of a chair and then left for the day. Then someone else sat down on the chair breaking the bomb. It was April fools day but then the stink got into the Hvac system and cleared the entire building. Pretty funny, and he hated working there!

Mitch Siff
Mitch Siff

Back in NY, someone on their last day, placed several eggs with pin holes in the suspended ceiling in the executive offices. Weeks later they had this horrific smell, which they couldn't find the source of. LOL

Chivas Rivas
Chivas Rivas

say how much they hate the job, but still stay at that job

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