John Elway doesn't want Broncos to forget how this last season ended

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John Elway.
Denver blog posts have it all together.

Mile High Report's KaptainKirk
on John Elway's comments at the NFL combine. He doesn't want the Broncos to forget how they were knocked out of this year's playoffs. Far from it.

Big Media's Jason Salzman doesn't think saying Mike Coffman "saw the light about the DREAM Act" is quite right.

Denver Egotist: David McGrath shoots Jim Elkin. Don't worry, he'll be fine.

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I heard Elway was part of a police conspiracy in a caseof attempted murder of police officers, by the Jefferson County Sheriff Dept., District Attorney's office and corrupt judges of Jefferson County, Colo., an on-going conspiracy of which I look forward to sharing.Wanna see the crooked side, of those in law, that festers in the state of Colo.? (Respectfully, open your eyes, for your offspring, consider what you hear and do or say something, todays technology brings that into your home.) I have a website, petition, and a U-Tube video to share entitiled "Help me buy justice." I have signed your petition hoping that you and your will sign mine.


The argument most certainly can be directed and blamed towards HORRIBLE coaching as much if not more than any other factor of the loss . There's absolutely NO WAY Elway will go on record slamming Coach Fox for the embarrassing loss . Especially w/ ALL the variables contributing to even going into Over-Time ! I do recall all the facial expressions of wonderment & disbelief every time the camera was directed towards Elway late in the game .

Denver was NOT beaten !

Denver LOST on their own !......

Only Holiday has ANY room to talk !

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