Lynne Freeman, school volunteer, sentenced for sexually assaulting daughter's teen pal in a closet

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lynne freeman university schools.jpg
University Schools, where Freeman volunteered.
Shortly thereafter, in late June, the cops busted Freeman -- and then, after she was released on bond, they arrested her again. The reason? Another boy (he was ancient compared to the first victim -- sixteen) contacted the authorities to say Freeman had sexually assaulted him, too.


In December, Freeman pleaded guilty to one count of attempted sexual assault on a child. Yesterday, she received her sentence: a year in jail through a work-release program and six years of intensive supervised probation for sex offenders.

She's also been ordered to register as a sex offender -- and presumably her days as a school volunteer are over as well.

Look below to see a larger version of Freeman's booking photo, followed by a 9News piece broadcast after her initial arrest.

lynne freeman mug shot.jpg
Lynne Freeman.

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Give that boy a tutu and a Barbie and call it a day!

Carrie Appel
Carrie Appel

Maybe the massive amounts of benzene they're exposed to is rotting their brains.


Where were the horny teachers hiding when I went to high-school, much less Jr High ....?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

If she was so hungry for teenage cock, why didn't she simply advertise on Craigslist Services offering free blow-and-go's ... to anyone over 17 years old.

... which is the legal age of consent in Colorado. Plenty of eager and willing sperm donors in that age group.

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