Marijuana: Governor's counsel sees alleged Amendment 64 conflicts of interest as diversity

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In mid-December, we shared complaints from a marijuana activist about alleged conflicts of interest in regard to one member of the governor's Amendment 64 task force. More recently, the activist raised concerns about another task force member -- and this time, a guv rep responded with an e-mail suggesting that the group would be strengthened by a diversity of views. See the note and get details below.

Mark Slaugh, membership director of the Colorado Springs Medical Cannabis Council and CEO of a business called iComply, first targeted alleged conflicts involving Colorado Concern's Tamra Ward.

As we've reported, Ward signed three letters from business groups calling for the federal government to crack down on the very measure she's supposed to be working toward implementing.

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Tamra Ward.
The letters are on view below in their entirety, but here's an excerpt from the one addressed to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder:
The Colorado business community, as represented by the signatory organizations noted below, seeks clarity from the Department of Justice with regard to your intentions to enforce federal law under your prosecutorial discretion.

The provisions of Amendment 64 are in direct conflict with the Controlled Substances Act (CSA) and other provisions of federal law. The CSA clearly states that federal law preempts state law when there is a positive conflict between the two jurisdictions....

Consequently, we encourage the enforcement of the CSA, to provide the certainty and clarity of law we seek.

In Slaugh's view, Ward's endorsement of the letters -- hers was the first signature on them -- disqualified her for task force membership.

"Tamra signed off on a letter that's basically asking the federal government to come in and enforce the Controlled Substances Act not just on Amendment 64, but also on the hundreds of businesses in Colorado that are operating on medical cannabis centers," he told us for our original post.

"This action is contrary to the goals of these business groups," Slaugh added. "These groups are dedicated to increasing economic development for their regions and increasing job opportunities to strengthen our local economies. So her taking the position to essentially throw the industry under the federal bus threatens literally thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in economic stimulus that our industry has provided."

Ward subsequently denied Slaugh's assertions and remained on the committee.

But last week, the activist warned about perceived conflicts of interest pertaining to a more high-profile A64 task force rep.

Continue for more about potential conflicts of interest on the Amendment 64 Task Force.

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KathleenChippi topcommenter

The Task Farce is non binding.  Nothing they recommend has to be adopted or even considered.  Hick was anti 64--his task farce is his attempt to LOOK tough on cannabis- but he nor his task farce have authority to do anything.  

A64 gives all authority to the DoR and the General Assembly.  The CORA requests from the MMED and the Governors Office say the plan is to rewrite hb1284, remove problem language/requirments, and then set up one regulatory model for all cannabis laws.   

"...even the head of the Colorado agency charged with tracking the medical pot industry suggests no one should copy its measures..... Even if the agency had all the money it wanted, the state's medical pot rules are "a model of regulatory overreach," too cumbersome and expensive to enforce, Laura Harris said in a statement.


It seems like Hick wants the group to fail. There aren't going to be good workable solutions, but a mess of contradictions. Making Amendment 64 go badly will end up defining Hick as a fool. The voters certainly did want this to move forward, but Hick is going to hand the legislature a mess of a recommendation. I wonder if Chris Romer is under his desk?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

You pathetic ignorant stoners SURRENDERED TOTAL CONTROL -- via A64 -- of marijuana over to the same anti-drug Big Government Law Enforcement goons who've been running the Drug War against you for the last 30+ years. ... all for a pathetic ounce.

You DESERVE all the REGULATION they ram up your collective rectums.


@KathleenChippi Nice explanation kathleen Chippi!  I really don't think that these pot clowns are going to make much of a difference or change anything.  Cannabis is here to stay in Colorado no matter what the Task Force says.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 "a model of regulatory overreach," too cumbersome and expensive to enforce, "

How that "regulatory framework" feel now, eh stoners?

Need more lube?


@DonkeyHotayYeah, it's funny to hear all these stupid stoners whining, "That's not what we intended when we voted for A64."  Whatever their real intentions, we will never know. I guess they intended to vote for "legalization", but were too stupid to actually read the law. Now, when the govt. shoves nut-bags like Thurstone down your throat, have the balls to man-up and take it all in. This is exactly what A64 says and what you voted for -- it lets the government do WHATEVER THEY WANT to pot smokers, including stacking the deck against you. Whatever morons voted for A64 thinking the same "anti-drug Big Government Law Enforcement goons" who had been tormenting pot smokers for all those years would suddenly BEND OVER and cave in to the potheads, well, these morons must've been HIGH or sumthin'!  Now that the government has been granted TOTAL CONTROL, what morons think they aren't going to use/abuse this new-found power to stomp on hippies?

Bend over, stoned stoners, your regulation has arrived. Just like you asked, no BEGGED, for!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@tutonehcc " I really don't think ..."

Obvious nearly every time you post.


Your right the only thing that is going to change is how much it is going to cost you to be  a smoker. Wait until you get your first DUIMI!!!


@DonkeyHotay OK Darth Sidious I'm sure everyone's really insulted by you.  Feel better now little poop pants?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Case ... all thanks to Lyin' Brian Vicente, Mendacious Mason Tvert and a compliant, unquestioning pro-A64 propaganda blowpipe in Westword.


... for the REGULATORS!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@tutonehcc ... you don't speak for everyone you ignorant pot punk, never did and never will.

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