Marijuana for free on Craigslist? Maybe with a donation -- or as a bonus for another purchase

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Big photos below.
This weekend, CBS4 reported about marijuana being advertised for free on Craigslist in exchange for donations or other offers, and questioned whether the practice was legal under Amendment 64; see the video below. But the folks behind 4 Strains Pipe & Tobacco are confident they're doing nothing wrong in offering a small amount of cannabis as a bonus to folks purchasing other merchandise.

One of the main Craigslist posts featured on the CBS4 report spotlighted "Bud's Worm Farm," which provided an eighth of marijuana in exchange for paid sponsorship of one hundred red wiggler worms.

As of this writing, that item is no longer listed, but another spotlighted by the station remains up. The ad, entitled "Fresh and Cured Hash," includes numerous photos, including this one....

fresh and cured hash.jpg
...and text asking "$60 gram for BHO and $40g for Full melt." However, the items are not for sale. "I ask donations for my time, energy, the ability to grow the plant, then make oils, the cost of butane and ice for hash," it reads. Another section announces that the deal is "Amendment 64 & 20 compliant."

Some recent ads have offered free marijuana but a delivery charge of roughly the amount for which the cannabis might be sold at local dispensaries. But donations seem to be the most popular current approach -- like an ad headlined, "Donate today and receive free MJ with free delivery!" Underneath this photo....

donate today marijuana.jpg copy that references one of A64's main proponents. It reads:
Mason Tvert once said, "There's no doubt that if people choose to use marijuana instead of alcohol we would not have the same number of problems."

We agree 100%. That is why we are now accepting supporting donations which go to support marijuana law reform and as a gesture of our gratitude you will receive free marijuana (amount received depends on amount donated). All you need to do is call 720-204-3127. Send a text message to the same number for faster response!

Donate $30 and receive a free 1/8!
Donate $60 and receive a free 1/4!

We are fully Amendment 64 compliant! You absolutely MUST be 21 years of age or older and have valid government-issued identification!

Arguably the most frequent Craigslist marijuana advertiser, though, is 4 Strains.

Continue to learn more about 4 Strains and see the CBS4 video.

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thank you kathleen my goodness i could not of said it better

Tony Tafoya
Tony Tafoya

pretty sure its more like weed on colfax buildings not on the craigslist you bone heads love to down on good ole craigslist thou eh>

KathleenChippi topcommenter

"incredibly positive. We've had people from all over the United States coming through -- from Chicago, Florida, North Dakota, Wyoming, California, and people with red cards coming in from all over the state. We've probably seen 200-plus people in the last month."

Just wondering how many of those people were law enforcement?   Or feds?  I'm sure you'll find out soon.  Please keep us updated.

But Donkey is right here--on top of the fact that your 'gifting' your patients medicine (I'm sure you okay-ed this with your patients first?).

Under A64 each person gets 3 flowering plants for personal use.  Personal Use means something. Only herb from those 3 flowering plants is permitted to be given away for nothing--that's the simple difference from having a business and personal 3 flowering plants. 

I am getting sick of people who violate the MMJ constitutional amendment, as it is the only leg any cannabis user has to stand on in the court of law--and it's a thin leg  and getting thinner as  Rob Corry lost a MMJ case in the lower courts last year and responded with an interlocutory appeal.  The case involves all MMJ contracts--from the state application to the utility bills and leases--ALL MMJ contracts.  Last week the District Court certified it (threw it up to the Colorado Court of Appeals).  If the Court of Appeals rules the lower courts were correct in their rulings --  then MMJ falls in the courts as "illegal".   

And since Rob did like all the other incorrect MMJ attorneys like Vicente did in the Watkins appeal--he conceded to federal preemption over MMJ specifically in his appeal.  If the Court of Appeals let this ruling stand--then kiss MMJ goodbye--Here is where we will be: MMJ will fall in the court and when the state puts all the regs for mmj and A64 together under one regulatory model -- the whole model falls.  It sure is easy for the state to crush MMJ and MJ in the courts --  enough time to never let A64 get off the ground at all. 


Westword what the hell? You could've broke this story just by hitting me up as an expert,(like the taskforce should have done) I would have gave you an exclusive on how much we make slangling from YOUTUBE! The least yous can do is help my traffic by pluging our channel here

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 "Moreover, their attorney tells them that the current giveaway is just fine under the provisions of Amendment 64 that have already taken effect."

Their "attorney" is an incompetent unethical idiot.

BackOffImStarving topcommenter

These stoners must be really high to think that they're actually being clever or that there aren't already plans in the works to stop these "shops" from dealing weed, I mean containers.  As I understand it, prostitution isn't technically legal in Las Vegas... You have to go way out of town to go to the legal brothels.  How do they get away with prostitution inside of the city limits?  The people selling their bodies ask for "donations," in very specific amounts instead of fees for their services.  


Where is the plastic baggie and container store? Sell containers that fit a gram, an 1/8th etc. for $10, $30 etc. and fill them with weed for free. Sales tax for the containers are collected so the state/city still gets there cut and no one is selling or buying weed. We can have hundreds of container stores instead of weed stores, then legislators can write page after page of container regulations.


This is really excellent that Colorado has stood up and made cannabis available to the masses!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@KathleenChippi ""incredibly positive. We've had people from all over the United States coming through -- from Chicago, Florida, North Dakota, Wyoming, California, and people with red cards coming in from all over the state. We've probably seen 200-plus people in the last month.""

Sounds like Chris Bartkowicz is writing their PR ...

They must have Doctor Reefer for their "lawyer" ...



@DonkeyHotay Hotay, did you see Saul in the the Super Bowl commercial?  Now that's an attorney, not a criminal attorney, but a CRIMINAL attorney!  Get it?  Know any?  

Didn't think so, til then I'll stick with the current winning team....


@BackOffImStarving Why would there be plans to stop the sale of containers if it's legal?  Don't worry so much, this is the Great State of Cannabis Colorado!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Monkey = rapidly becoming an idiot like Tommy Tutone

The only way these "free" pot offers pass legal muster is if they would actually give away FREE pot to someone / anyone who brought their OWN container.

Otherwise it is merely a contingent sale agreement -- requiring the purchase (overpriced) of something else ... a SALE nonetheless under the law.

Their "attorney" is an incompetent imbecile who should be disbarred for rendering this absurd advice that goes against long settled case law regarding the definition of "sale" with respect to criminal and/or civil law.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@tutonehcc ... nobody with any sanity would ever pick you for their team, loser.


@DonkeyHotay  It was just a joke Donkey. I know a bottle company can't sell bottles with free beer in them, just like a container store couldn't sell containers with free weed in them. How about hotel rooms that come with a free hooker, that's legal right?

DonkeyHotay topcommenter


HipTip -- sarcasm and facete are second-level uses of language, which require precision and expertise to execute properly, otherwise they come off as the literal first meanings, especially in printed word form where tone, inflection and facial language are absent.

Particularly important given the depraved illiteracy of most bong-sucking stoners who will read you -- and the idiot tutonehcc -- as being literal.

You = fail.

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