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Boulder RX chemsis.JPG
Chem's Sister from Boulder RX.
Also worth noting was the Chem's Sister, with her similar bud structure and funk as overpowering as the Star Dawg. It treated me much better as a daytime smoke; it was more uplifting and energetic. I can already tell that one of these two will no doubt end up on my 2013 top-ten list.

Aaron also insisted that I take home some of the White Master Kush, which was down to the last quarter-ounce or so of buds. The sample I brought home was nowhere near as stinky or flavorful as the other strains, with a faint licorice tart on top of an otherwise heavy, hashy smelling bud. It was clearly well grown, though, with the tan and dark-green calxyes and sugar leaves looking like they were double-dipped in THC goodness. Smoked, the buds had more of the sugary, anise flavor I was getting from the smell through to the last, ash-white hit. A very stoney strain, the White Master Kush was the answer for my ongoing strained-back problems -- especially at night, when the extra potency was perfect for putting me to sleep and keeping me snoozing.

Boulder RX white master kush.JPG
White Master Kush from Boulder RX.
Basically, everything Boulder RX's budtender pulled from the garden looked and smelled amazing. I didn't even need to look at the bottom-tier, $40/eighth buds brought in from other shops. Why bother?

Unfortunately, all of that great chronic doesn't come cheap. In fact, it's quite the opposite. At the top-tier level, buds sell for $50 an eighth for non-members, with no price break if you buy in quantity. I know Boulder is a completely different market than Denver, but this is the second time in the last six months I've seen top-tier herb selling for so much money. Dropping all of the shelves down by 10 percent would put the shop into a more reasonable range.

Owner Aaron admits things are a little high and says he's trying to bring his prices down. But with only 24 lights in his garden, he says pricing is a part of keeping his limited herb harvest in stock. He says another grow facility is in the works, and prices should dip below $45 an eighth-once that's up and running. Middle-tier buds will run you $40 to $45 an eighth and $250 an ounce, tax included. At the low level, the shop sells wholesale-purchased strains for $35 an eighth and $200 an ounce. Signing the shop up as your primary center gets you $5 off on every eighth and $20 off an ounce.

But still, it's hard to argue with the outstanding quality of the flowers at Boulder RX. And to be fair, the shop does put a new strain on special daily, knocking things like the Chem's Sister or the Star Dawg down to $230 an ounce and $125 a half-ounce. Still, a visit here could break the bank if you're not careful. That said, I'll be back by here again the next time I make it to Boulder.

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I'd say better than 1/2 of what I've come across in the last year,  is grown to be shipped .

$500 - $600 per OZ territory . I haven't driven out of state recently but I imagine Colorado plates attract heat .

Our market is SATURATED & it's reflected in price & availability . Pot Heads as I,  are either growing or 'know' where to get a deal . THEY ARE EVERYWHERE !

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

OMG! ... Bong-sucker Billy actually left the comfort of his tiny little world in a tiny little part of Denver to actually review one of the HUNDREDS of dispensaries that exist outside of his myopic dope-addled world.

Deborah Watts
Deborah Watts

Were high! $2400+ a pound IS PREDATORY and UNETHICAL!


other GOOD shops to check out in Boulder: BMMD, Greendream (niwot), Boulder Wellness Center, The Farm (in that order)

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Deborah Watts ... so who's forcing you to buy it, eh psycho?

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