Medical marijuana dispensary review: Green Mountain Care in Littleton

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While the Discreet Treat wax was decent, it had the dry, crumbly consistency of oil after it has been in a vaporizer pen cartridge. Still, it smoked okay on a nail and didn't leave any nasty residue behind. Over a bowl, the flavor of the Silver Pearl came out a little bit stronger rather than instantly being evaporated on the nail. While supposedly not as potent as the Moonrocks, a dab about the size of a half a Tic-Tac eased a stabbing lower back pain enough for me to get some sleep.

GreenMountainWellness Durban P.JPG
Durban Poison from Green Mountain Care.
Unfortunately, most of the cannabis on the shop's shelves was from other dispensaries. The budtender told me GMC has a good relationship with its main grow, which used to be an affiliate, but the products don't quite meet its standards. In fact, out of the nine or ten strains on display, only two, Durban Poison and Chiesel, were done at Mountain Care Farms, and both jars were down to marble-sized buds or smaller. That's not to say buds like the Flo and Sour Diesel weren't decent, but you could tell they weren't as cured as they could have been. My budtender said it would be a few weeks before shelves are filled from the most recent harvest. So in the meantime, I snagged the only two offerings in stock.

Despite the tiny little bud droppings, the Chiesel was surprising potent and enjoyably tasty. The earthy-tart Diesel was strong up front, but breaking open the bud let out the stinky, stinky yellow-cheese funk making up the other half of this mellow, buzzing bud. It wasn't a couch-dragger or anything like that, but I found myself with a bit of THC-induced ADD when trying to get back to writing after successfully using it to deal with some indigestion the other evening. Clean buds, and though the size was small, they were a big buy for the $30/eighth price tag for members and first-timers.

GreenMountainWellness ChieselJPG.JPG
Chiesel from Green Mountain Care.
The Durban jar in the shop was filled with teeny-tiny budlets like the ones in the picture. But collectively, they had a sweet, full, Durban licorice spice to them that crazily smelled nearly identical to a Tootsie Roll when broken up. Not sure if the sample was from seed or clone, but what a cool phenotype. It wasn't all fake chocolate in the taste, though -- mostly just the exotic flavor you expect with Durban Poison. Great appetite and mood lift on this, with a couple-minute gap between finishing up a two-hit bowl with not even the slightest hunger growl and destroying steak night and lapping up strawberries for dessert.

While my timing was horrible considering how few in-house strains were on hand, I wasn't necessarily disappointed in my visit. The pricing is reasonable, the staff was helpful, and from what I saw from the tiny selection, the shop manages to carry worthwhile herb. That said, it might be worth a few weeks' wait until the shelves are filled back up with organic, soil-grown cannabis if you're looking to try Green Mountain Care out.

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