Medical marijuana dispensary review: Root Organic in Boulder

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root organic dubran.JPG
Durban Poison from Root Organic.
Unfortunately, everything at the center is pre-weighed and pre-packaged - one of my biggest pet peeves with dispensaries. Almost without fail, the buds you bring home aren't up to the same level as the few selected to go on display. That was true with Root Organic as well. Like the 303 Headband that had lost all of its amazingly potent, rubbery smell by the time I popped the lid on my single-gram jar.

My other gripe is that grams are overpriced when compared to the per-gram price of an eighth -- the same as it was in 2010 with The Farm. I can understand the logic of not wanting to always weigh out grams for patients and offering an incentive to them for buying in bulk, but 3.5 grams is not bulk and the choice to pre-weigh everything has already been made. So the shop is forcing patients on a budget who want to take home some variety to pay more than $50 for an eighth's worth of herb.

root organic widow.JPG
White Widow from Root Organic.
I know that this was a policy at the Farm, and has been since we reviewed it nearly three years ago, but Root Organic should look into changing that. Plus, the MMC isn't really offering any price breaks for the middle-tier bud, which sells at $29 an eighth. Buying by the ounce will save you about $8 in total. The shop does offer member discounts, like an additional half-gram for every eighth-ounce purchased or 25 percent off hash, but you have to choose one deal or the other.

While Root Organic has a lot of positive things going for it -- notably the inviting, mature atmosphere, great edibles selection and an amazing knowledgeable staff -- the small things start to add up. It makes you wonder: Why re-visit, especially when other shops are selling better herb for roughly the same prices? I'll have to check out Boulder Wellness soon to see if making a left instead of a right would have been a better choice.

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Root Organic MMC

5420 Arapahoe Ave., Boulder, CO

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go left next time, you can't go wrong. To be fair, I've not checked out Roots Organic, but BWC has the quality and its done right. Also, see BMMD at 30th behind Ras Kassas. Organic, soil grown goodness.


Dude, how could you miss BWC? They are awesome - won 2 out of 3 in Rooster's Cannabis Cup last year

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 "Inside, the shop is slick, clean and non-threatening."

Cower much, eh Billy?

Would it have killed you to have reviewed BOTH dispensaries, being you drove all the way to Boulder and they were right next to each other.

At 1 (one) review per week, it'll only take you another 4+ years to review what's left of dispensaries in Colorado, provided you don't slack back to re-re-re-reviewing the same ones over and over, like you've done in the past.

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