Michael DeHerrera beating: Cop Devin Sparks fired (again), Randy Murr reinstated (again)

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Here's the video of DeHerrera's beating, courtesy of the Denver Post, followed by the report.

Civil Service Commission Order Regarding Denver Police Officers Sparks and Murr

Correction: The initial version of this post incorrectly stated that the Civil Service Commission's decision is likely the final word in this case. In fact, all parties can appeal the decision and, as noted above, Denver City Attorney Doug Friednash promises just such an action when it comes to Randy Murr's reinstatement. We regret the error.

More from our Follow That Story archive: "Michael DeHerrera talks about reinstatement of cops who beat him (VIDEO)."

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I would love to treat cops the way they treat the public. If anyone hit you like that, you could lawfully kill them in self defense. But if they wear a badge and ugly clothes, you can't do anything except take the beating. Police are like children, when they don't get their way, or people aren't listening to them, they throw a tantrum. The court system and internal affairs is not good enough to protect citizens from police, they have too much power for such an un-educated profession. To protect and serve, funny how we all thought that meant protecting and serving us, when it clearly means protecting them and serving the force.

Mane Rok
Mane Rok

Only one?! And they are investing all that money into those billboards too?!?!

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