"Mustang," aka Blucifer: No one's asking for it to be removed despite DIA conspiracy theory

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Even before Denver International Airport opened in 1995, conspiracy theories were taking off -- and they show no sign of coming down to earth today. "You know there are dormitories under Denver International Airport to house all the world leaders in case of catastrophe?"

After an hour of funeral-reception chit-chat Sunday, this was exactly the kind of conversation I needed.

"Yes, but they will have to share space with the Martians down there," I pointed out. "And then there's that whole penis business." The discussion of DIA conspiracy theories continued for several minutes, with people from across the country weighing in with what they had heard...and, in a few scary cases, believed.

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The most amazing airport promo photo ever.
When I was chatting recently with Matt Chasansky, who heads DIA's public-art program, I asked for his favorite DIA conspiracy. Not surprisingly, it involved a piece of public art: "Mustang," aka Blucifer, the 32-foot-high blue devil horse that marked its fifth birthday at DIA yesterday.

Turns out "Mustang" has a connection to the Montauk Project, a government experiment during World War II that sent serviceman spiraling through the past and future. Allegedly.

And as the story goes, during one mission, U.S, troops landed in 2600, where they come upon a ruined city with the remains of a mammoth sculpture of a blue horse. (Think the end of Planet of the Apes, but with "Mustang" instead of the Statue of Liberty.)

Still, there could be some truth to this. Because come 2060, odds are good that "Mustang" will still be standing guard outside DIA.

Under Denver policy governing public art, a piece cannot be removed until it's been in place for at least five years. And yesterday, on Blucifer's fifth birthday, it got the best news of all: Absolutely no one is petitioning the city to get rid of "Mustang."

Hold onto your horses!

From our archives: "After five years, it could be time for 'Mustang' to mosey on."

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I love how ridiculous it is.  It has a veiny rectum!  Such a bizarre piece for being so public.  I love it and all the conspiracy theories surrounding the airport - great reading.

KathleenChippi topcommenter

I love it--red eyes and blue paint especially.  How about getting rid of the NWO death and destruction  paintings inside DIA instead?  How about removing DIA from tribal burial ground?


It would be a WAY COOL front yard piece ....

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