Photos: Five hottest wives, girlfriends and exes of (and including) Colorado athletes

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On Valentine's Day, professional ballers have a big job -- impressing spouses or lovers who sometimes get as much attention as they least from the website The significant others of numerous Colorado jocks are highlighted on the site, but we're focusing on five, including one former GF and an athlete who's listed as someone else's main squeeze, perhaps prematurely -- although we don't think so. Count them down below.

Number 5: Nikki Childs (Knowshon Moreno)

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Here's the first paragraph of the piece on Broncos running back Moreno:
Coming out of college, Knowshon Moreno was a pretty big deal. He was coming off an impressive collegiate career at Georgia and was drafted by the Broncos, who just seem to churn out 1,000 yard running backs like it' it's something that is pretty easy to do. But after two lackluster seasons and wasted talent, he lost the starter's job to Willis McGahee. Maybe this is why it's not clear if Knowshon Moreno's girlfriend Nikki Childs is still with him?
Childs also attended the University of Georgia, where she was an excellent gymnast. Here's a video of her showing off her stuff.

As for the site's question about whether she and Moreno are still together, we have a pretty good sense they're not -- at least judging by her Facebook page, which lists her as Nikki Childs Montgomery and sports lotsa wedding photos co-starring a guy whose last name isn't Moreno. Better luck next time, Knowshon.

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Continue counting down our five hottest wives, girlfriends and exes of (and including) Colorado athletes.

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Elway's wife also worked for a strip-club service named " Hardbodies " while moonlighting on the " Playboy golf circuit "

No judgments.

Most all Republicans cheat on their wives with women of her caliber. eeerp.

Way to go Deck ! Damn son.  Now you just have to train her to keep her mouth shut and her fingers away from twitter when you stumble over your own feet. 

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My ex is Morgan Fairchild ...

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