Photos: Five hottest wives, girlfriends and exes of (and including) Colorado athletes

Number 4: Ashley Manning (Peyton Manning)
ashley manning 1.jpg
Nothing against Peyton's better half, but it's kinda weird seeing her included on, especially given this 2011 update to the site's Ashley entry:
The Marion County Health Department confirmed that Peyton and Ashley Manning are the proud parents of twins. According to birth certificates on file, Peyton Manning's twins, Marshall Williams Manning and Mosley Thompson Manning, are just over two weeks old, born on March 31. Philadelphia, Miss. newspaper The Neshoba Democrat, the hometown newspaper of Peyton Manning's mother Olivia, broke the story a few days after delivery.
Then again, mothers of twins can be ogling objects, too....

ashley manning 2.jpg

ashley manning 3.jpg

ashley manning 4.jpg
Continue counting down our five hottest wives, girlfriends and exes of (and including) Colorado athletes.

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Elway's wife also worked for a strip-club service named " Hardbodies " while moonlighting on the " Playboy golf circuit "

No judgments.

Most all Republicans cheat on their wives with women of her caliber. eeerp.

Way to go Deck ! Damn son.  Now you just have to train her to keep her mouth shut and her fingers away from twitter when you stumble over your own feet. 

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

My ex is Morgan Fairchild ...

... yeah ... that's the ticket.

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