Photos: Five hottest wives, girlfriends and exes of (and including) Colorado athletes

Number 1: Jesse James (Eric Decker)
11 jessie james june.jpg
Yes, James is spectacular; last year, she topped the hotness roster. And as seen in our post featuring her engagement photos with Broncos receiver Decker, the two of them together are so gorgeous that they practically violate the laws of science. Not that she didn't try out a few other contenders before committing to him, as points out:
Breakout Broncos WR Eric Decker has himself a famous smokeshow of a girlfriend in Jessie James (or Jessica James at times too). Jessie James is a country singer with moderate success on the Billboard Charts, seeing her first album hit #40 on the Top 200 (though her second album did not rank at any time). She's not afraid of hooking up with a celeb as she has previously been romantically linked to Jay Cutler, John Mayer and Reggie Bush.
She used to go out with Sweet Baby Jay Cutler? She's definitely traded up. Happy Valentine's Day!

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4 jessie james june.jpg

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Elway's wife also worked for a strip-club service named " Hardbodies " while moonlighting on the " Playboy golf circuit "

No judgments.

Most all Republicans cheat on their wives with women of her caliber. eeerp.

Way to go Deck ! Damn son.  Now you just have to train her to keep her mouth shut and her fingers away from twitter when you stumble over your own feet. 

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

My ex is Morgan Fairchild ...

... yeah ... that's the ticket.

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