Robert "Mike" French, Douglas County deputy, busted for sexual exploitation of a child

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Photo, video below.
Douglas County Deputy Robert "Mike" French is a longtime law enforcer who's worked on some very high-profile investigations. His latest case is different, though -- since the suspected perp is him. French was busted over the weekend for suspected sexual exploitation of a child -- and the DougCo sheriff's office now confirms that he's been given the sack as well.

Unfortunately, cases like French's are hardly unique. It was just last August when Rick Ferguson, a veteran deputy for the Boulder County Sheriff's Office, pleaded guilty to child-sex exploitation after computer-forensic experts determined he'd been communicating with girls age fifteen and under using an office computer while on duty. By raising the white flag, he received a deal calling for a relative slap on the wrist for his offense -- probation rather than jail time. But at least his deputy-ing days were over.

rick ferguson mug shot.jpg
Rick Ferguson.
Like Ferguson, French has been in uniform for years. As evidence, check out this February 2007 Rocky Mountain News article, which lists him as a DCSO investigator in the case of Jose Luis Rubi-Nava, who was accused of putting a rope around his girlfriend's neck, telling her, "If you want death, here it is," and then dragging her from his car for a mile-plus.

More recently, French was reportedly working in a support-service position -- a role that touches upon dispatch, communications and the serving of court papers. As such, he didn't have direct contact with kids as part of his everyday duties. But the DCSO believe he managed to do so anyhow.

According to Sergeant Ron Hanavan, the office spokesman, the DCSO received information last week about what are termed "inappropriate text messages involving a juvenile" -- no age or gender is provided. Before long, the details pointed at French, and he was taken into custody last Friday on two sexual-exploitation-of-a-child counts. He was subsequently released on a $50,000 bond and placed on unpaid administrative leave while both a criminal investigation and an internal-affairs probe took place.

The latter clearly reached a tipping point in short order, given that French has now been handed his walking papers.

Hanavan calls the case "complex" and suggests that additional arrests may be possible -- a chilling prospect. Other than that, no additional details are being released.

Look below to see a larger version of French's double mug shot, followed by a 9News report.

mike french mug shots.JPEG
Robert "Mike" French.

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He'll lose his job, & receive probation  The courts will make up for it by sentencing the next teenage African male, caught w/ a few rocks & a pipe,  to 40 yrs !

Look how hard that CUNT Carole Chambers punished Patrick Sullivan ! I wonder if her successor will hold APD accountable ? I have my serious doubts ...

Sean Gronbeck
Sean Gronbeck

Doesnt suprise me being that Douglas County is filled with Mormoms and Christian/Catholics. These people made their way down into there when their "monolithic" churches you see now were erected. This area use to be nice, now with all the church people moved in, it has become a cesspool for crime and pedophilia. Just like what happened to Europe when rome forced christianity on the people there, thus making it the way you see today. Dont believe me read Tacitus : Germania and you will see that the un-christian proto-indo europeans were and still are cleaner, more intelligent and have a better form of government as well as women rights since before the time of their christ, these desert religions hate women and hate european people. Nazis are and were christian so nothing these people do suprises me, anymore.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Beady Eyes ... thin or no lips ... pale pasty skin ... Repuglycan ... typical Chester the Molester.

Might as well start a Blog category titled -- Cops are Scum


Deborah Watts
Deborah Watts


DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Deborah Watts ... if only you didn't sound like an under-medicated schizophrenic.

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