Photos: Sexiest undies ever! -- and nine other bizarre items from the 1950s

Number 4: The eyes have it
Looking into powerful magnifying mirrors from millimeters away wouldn't be disturbing, would it? Probably not, if you were planning to perform laser surgery on yourself....
perfect eye makeup.jpg

Number 3: They've got me surrounded!
Then again, this alleged safety device might be even more disquieting. Distracted driving, 1950s-style -- by turning your ride into a hall of mirrors.

stop driving blind.jpg
Continue for more hilariously bizarre items from the 1950s.
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I think I found those undies at my grandma's house.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

What's "bizarre" about a bike cover? As for the fumigant, I guess you're not aware they can still be purchased retail. Ever heard of a "Wink Mirror?" Still got those, too.

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