Photos: Spider-Man and Hulk (and the Denver Post) battle Dr. Doom in the "Colorado Caper"

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Big photos below.
The weird shit you find in your attic....

During a recent spelunking mission, I came across an amazing artifact from the '80s: "The Colorado Caper," a full-length Marvel comic starring Spider-Man and the Hulk in an exciting advertorial for the Denver Post and the now-defunct May D&F department store. Ready for some incredible action, daring journalism and highly suspect fashions? Read on, heroes, for colorful excerpts from the entire heart-pounding adventure!

Let's set the scene with the cover, featuring a Post headline announcing "Hulk Seen on Ski Slope." Can't get anything past those ink-stained wretches!

denver post spiderman 1.jpg
What's the story? Page one sets up the narrative. Dr. Doom, the evil ruler of Latveria, is in a chalet overlooking "the white, glistening slopes of Colorado," when two of his henchmen bring him the adorable daughter of Dmitri Solzyn, a scientist attending a conference in our fair state -- and planning to defect. The idea? Solzyn won't take off if he knows his tot's a hostage....

denver post spiderman 3.jpg
Also attending the conference is Dr. Bruce Banner, aka the Hulk. As these panels reveal, he thinks Solzyn may be able to cure him of his raging Hulkiness. But before he can find out, he's got something more important to do: He must visit "the sensational May D&F store!"

denver post spiderman 4.jpg
Continue to find out what happens in the Spider-Man/Hulk/Denver Post "Colorado Caper."

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I seem to remember the Post using the comics along w/ the Sunday advertisements . I delivered the paper via shopping cart to a few Capitol Hill apt buildings growing up & kinda recall the insert . I wasn't big on comics, but I'm remembering putting comics in more than one issue ...


I have a different one of these starring Iceman and Firestar from the "Spiderman and his Amazing Friends" cartoon--which I'd guess is also where this came from? It's been a while. The product placements are fantastic. Spidey and Iceman talking Jordache.

Rob Salyers
Rob Salyers

Wow. The things I missed by not getting here until 1990.

Laura Omdahl
Laura Omdahl

I had this too! They were giving them out at May D&F.

Richard Scott Taylor
Richard Scott Taylor

I miss May D & F. Well, actually, I miss the building, the I.M. Pei the city tore down...

Ted Campbell
Ted Campbell

me, too, Richard Scott Taylor - the thought of Spidey swinging down the 16th St. Mall blew my young mind...

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