Photos: Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition has nothing on Colorado Uncovered (NSFW)

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colorado uncovered cropped.jpg
Big NSFW pics below.
The 2013 Sports Illustrated swimsuit edition cover has been revealed, with Kate Upton busting out of a parka: see it below. But as beguiling (and sporty!) as the image is, it can't compare in sheer skin-baring weirdness to the images from Colorado Uncovered, a book from Body Photage featuring nude models posing by familiar local landmarks -- like the Big Blue Bear. View a sampling of our complete 2011 slide show here -- and when we say NSFW, we're not kidding.

First, here's that Sports Illustrated cover:

sports illustrated swimsuit edition 2013.jpg
And now, here's a sampling of Colorado Uncovered:

colorado uncovered 1.jpg
Click to see our complete Colorado Uncovered slide show.

colorado uncovered 2.jpg
Click to see our complete Colorado Uncovered slide show.

colorado uncovered 3.jpg
Click to see our complete Colorado Uncovered slide show.
Continued for more Colorado Uncovered photos.

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Jonathan Tiersten
Jonathan Tiersten

Do you not think it is slightly hypocritical that almost all the women who appear in this shoot have surgically enhanced breasts (and who knows what else)? I don't question their beauty, as I was the first person to view it. But I do question your motives and justifications. Just call it what it is. A lot of people like porn (or sex in general) and shouldn't feel guilty about it (I think your magazine has done commentary on that). Or, conversely, why not show a bunch of average looking woman (some skinny, some obese) next to all these amazing locations in our glorious state? That might be more descriptive and really say something about our amazing 'open space' as well as our 'open-mindedness'. Maybe I am just being combative.

Dean Gelo
Dean Gelo

Lots of Beautiful pictures !!!

Evan Mathis
Evan Mathis

Thank you for that. Fantastic way to start my morning...

Darren Lyman
Darren Lyman

Where is the one from inside the capital?

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