Total Sorority Move's ten most "TSM" Colorado photos

total sorority move cropped.jpg
Big photos below.
Last month, we shared the top Colorado photos from Total Frat Move, a website devoted to chronicling the lives of dudes who've gone Greek. TFM's sister site, Total Sorority Move, has a totally different feel, with fewer shots of beer-keg fountains, and a lot more images of bedazzled gavels and megaphones. You'll see what we mean when you check out our ten favorite user-submitted Colorado pics, complete with their original captions. They're totally TSM!

Number 10:

total sorority move 2.jpg
"Bid Day 2012 in America. TSM."

Number 9:

total sorority move 10.jpg
"I'm even better at spending other people's money. TSM."

Continue for more of Total Sorority Move's ten most "TSM" Colorado photos.


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When did growing a big butt become a TSM? 

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