Reader: How many abortion-rights proponents are anti-death penalty and pro-gun control?

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Our Melanie Asmar reported about a Supreme Court challenge to the Colorado law that forbids displaying aborted fetus photos near churches where children might see them. As you might expect from this topic, debate is divided. Here's a reader who sees contradictions in the views of many pro-choice types.

JimTom writes:

I'm sure a large percent of these abortion proponents are against the death penalty and for gun control. Typical liberal confusion. Don't get me wrong I don't care what a women does with here body unless it is my child she is carrying. But it would be nice someday to see some consistency from the left.

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No surprise at all that JimTom sees the world through a right wing whackjob's eyes and can't imagine anyone being pro-choice, pro-gun, and pro-death-penalty (I am all three, BTW).

Like so many other idiots caught up in the rat race of American politics, he just can't see anything beyond liberal vs right wing stereotypes.

And JimTom writes:

"Don't get me wrong I don't care what a women [sic] does with here [sic] body unless it is my child she is carrying"

Yeah. That's when she needs the most legal protection from you forcing your wishes on her.

Cognitive_Dissident topcommenter

I'm kinda partial to the pro-life side of every one of those situations...but most of all, I would rather not have such an inefficient and ineffective organization as the government deciding when it's okay for people to live and die. I think that covers all three appropriately.


What is the purpose of the death penalty? Is it stricly for punishment? Is it also supposed to deter potential criminals from committing crimes? If a aspiring murderer in Texas pauses and thinks, "This would probably be a better thing to do in Massachusetts because they don't have the death penalty" then I would say, as a liberal, the death penalty works and I fully support it.


The bigger question is do the interventions JimTom glossed over in his quest for consistency impact what they were intended to impact? Does a woman's legal right to terminate a pregnancy at any point during her pregnancy directly impact unwanted pregnancy? I would argue that abortion works 100% of the time. I cannot think of a case where a successful abortion still resulted in an unwanted baby. That is a simple fact. The larger morality question is something the right raised, not the left. 


 Said the pot to the kettle... Seriously? I understand what JimTom is suggesting (in theory) but to argue that either side of the coin is not riddled with hypocrisy is delusional. Flip the argument to ask "I wonder how many pro-life people are also anti-'entitlements' (the very programs that will take care of these babies that are unwanted but legally had to be born) and pro-death penalty". Same ish, different perspective. 

continued... (curse you character limits!)

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