Photos: Twenty most memorable mug shots of February 2013

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michael grover mug shot 205x205.jpg
Big photos below.
The image seen here (and larger below) of one Michael Grover, whose doomsday-ready arsenal was discovered when his basement caught fire, is definitely a candidate for one of 2013's most memorable mug shots -- and it's only February.

But this past month brought with it plenty of other noteworthy booking photos, and stories to go along with them. Look below to see our top twenty, and be sure to click on the links or captions to read our original coverage.

lynne freeman mug shot.jpg
Lynne Freeman.
Read more in "Lynne Freeman, school volunteer, sentenced for sexually assaulting daughter's teen pal in a closet."

philip brown mug shot.jpg
Philip Brown.
Read more in "Philip Brown's schmucky idea of a break-in target -- a sheriff's substation."

frederick allen mug shot.jpg
Frederick Allen.
Read more in "Frederick Allen, diabetic, dosed CU student with insulin and raped her, jury finds."

tess damm mug shot large.jpg
Tess Damm.
Read more in "Juggalos Fight Back: Insane Clown Posse fans in Colorado and beyond claim discrimination."

Continue for more of February 2013's twenty most memorable mug shots.

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