Photos: Best hair on Denver TV personalities, female edition -- the reigning top ten

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Big photos below.
You may have heard our annual Best of Denver issue comes out next week -- and we're building up to the big unveiling by highlighting winners whose reign is coming to an end. Last week, we shared our picks for the ten funniest Best of Denver posts in 2012. Now, we move on to something much more important: Best Hair on a Denver TV personality. Rather than simply share the top pick, Nick Lucchesi put together lists in both female and male categories. Today, it's ladies first. Count down the ten picks leading to the hair star who's about to pass on her crown.

10. Maureen McCann, weekend morning meteorologist

It's tough to have great hair as a meteorologist, but McCann pulls it off.

9. Susie Wargin, 9 News sports anchor

Susie Wargin's 'do...and TimTebow.
Continue for more photos of the reigning best hair top ten, female edition.


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