Photos: Best Hair female Denver TV personalities -- the 2013 top ten

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Big photos below.
Earlier this week, we shared our list of 2012 Best Hair on a female Denver TV finalists and the reigning champ in anticipation of a new crop of winners for Best of Denver 2013.

Well, the top picks are out -- but what about the nine finalists who finished just out of the money?

Look below to see those who missed by just a hair, as it were -- and keep counting down until you reach this year's number one.

Number 10: Lauren Whitney, CBS4

lauren whitney cbs4.jpg
Lauren Whitney, CBS4.

Number 9: Melody Mendez, Fox31/CW2

melody mendez fox31.jpeg
Melody Mendez, Fox31/CW2.
Continue counting down the 2013 top ten Best Hair female Denver TV personalities.

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Cory was for sure robbed! She has some of the best hair around, she should be at the top! Thank you for including me, my hair stylist will be so happy! :)


Lauren Whitney is by FAR the HOTTEST on ANY of the local news programs !

Period .....


You totally missed Cory Rose!!! wow

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Top Ten Bubble-headed Bimbos

JimTom topcommenter

Come on!!! Like you can ignore Corey Rose's hair!!!! I guess too many white women would have made you look bad?

Dave Shuck
Dave Shuck

Corey Rose was robbed. Not even on the list.

michael.roberts moderator editortopcommenter

@Dave Shuck Dave, we're going to make your advocacy of Corey Rose an upcoming Comment of the Day. Thanks.


@Gabby Vargas-Benson  

Amelia is an 'AMAZON GODDESS' !!!

Which 'Petsmart' does Belen De Leon's 'grooming" ???  She is BY FAR the WORST !!!

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