Celena Hollis murder: Possible plea deal with suspect Rollin Oliver in death of Denver cop?

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Rollin Oliver.
A plea deal in the case of Rollin Oliver, the 22-year-old charged with murder in the shooting death of Denver police officer Celena Hollis last June, may be in the works, according to a court document.

"There is a possible disposition in this matter," notes the register of actions, which is a summary of motions filed and hearings held in the case; that particular note is from a hearing held on February 22.

A motions hearing scheduled for March 8 was postponed. Oliver is due back in court on April 12.

The Denver District Attorney's Office declined to comment on a possible disposition. We've also put in a call to the Office of the Colorado State Public Defender, which is representing Oliver. We'll update this post if we hear back.

Oliver is charged with first-degree murder/extreme indifference. Back in October, he pleaded not guilty. At a preliminary hearing in September, Denver police detective Jamie Castro testified that Oliver admitted to officers that he fired at least two shots on June 24 at City Park Jazz, where Hollis was working off-duty to provide security. A bullet found at the scene bearing Hollis's DNA matches Oliver's gun, Castro added.

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Denver police officer Celena Hollis.
Oliver didn't mean to kill anyone that day, his defense attorney said at that hearing. The reason he had a gun, public defender William Drexler said, was for protection. He himself had been shot at a party a few years earlier, causing "severe damage to his pelvis."

Oliver told police that he and a friend were confronted at City Park by a group of people he assumed to be Crips gang members, and they beat his friend badly. Oliver said he ran away, Castro testified, and as he did, he said he fired the gun over his shoulder.

Oliver is listed as a member of the Bloods gang on his booking form, though his defense attorney sought to poke holes in that theory at the preliminary hearing. Oliver has no criminal history and no gang tattoos, Drexler said.

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I'm pass tired of seeing this dead cop's 'Glamor Shot' ! What about the 'action' recordings from the 'infamous' elevator or drunk tank ? I'm sure there are plenty of lovely images taken from those areas !!!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Give him the SAME penalty a Cop would get for killing an innocent civilian ...


none of you guys were there.  can u try to imagine the bs that these ppl have to deal with day in and day out?  besides, in this cases, it said he had a nodule on his prostate, how is that considered kidney disease?


Had this occurred anywhere in Arapahoe county, we are talking the 'Death Penalty' w/o a second guess ...

Denver cops aren't worth as much, I see .....

Anyways, I cheer the death of law enforcement ! Just as they pat each other on the back admiringly, following each time one of them discharges a firearm, killing someone they deem a nuisance to society .


The only deal this piece of shit should get is a shot in the arm.......


@rentacar That argument can surely be made and likely with some level of support.  I wonder though, if he was white, being "chased" by say, I don't know someone that looks like Treyvon Martin, and he shot over his shoulder, missed and killed an off Duty cop in her kitchen next door; would your comment be so filled with vitriol or would you be jumping to defend their right to protect them self with the use of deadly force and lamenting the "unfortunate accident? "

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