David Reathman, terminally ill Golden man, held in alleged murder of wife Barbara (67)

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Big photos, video below.
There have already been several weird twists in the story of David Reathman, 65. And don't bet against more of them popping up before the final chapter is written.

Unfortunately, the end has already come for Reathman's wife, Barbara, age seventy, who was found dead in her Golden home on Monday, shortly after her terminally ill husband disappeared. Now, he's been arrested on suspicion of first-degree murder even though the cause of her death hasn't been made clear yet.

The case begins with an irony: Members of the Golden Police Department were first called to the Reathman residence, located in a mobile home park, because loved ones (to whom we offer our condolences) feared that David might have died.

Instead, the body officers discovered was Barbara's. Thus far, authorities haven't revealed how long she'd been dead, but some personnel at the site could be seen donning hazmat suits.

david reathman crime scene hazmat suits.jpg
An investigator in a hazmat suit entering the Reathman home earlier this week.
7News reported that Barbara's body showed no obvious signs of trauma. But in its initial release about the incident, the GPD deemed the circumstances "suspicious."

As for David, who recently retired from a civilian position at the Jefferson County Jail, where he oversaw inmates taking part in a work program, his whereabouts were unknown. The cops didn't immediately brand him as a suspect, but they did note that he was wanted for questioning in a media alert released on Tuesday.

david reathman crime scene.jpg
Another look at the scene.
Then, yesterday at about 6 p.m., David walked into Golden police headquarters and "turned himself in concerning the death of his wife," the latest GPD release states, adding, "Upon further investigation, detectives developed evidence to have Mr. Reathman held on charges of murder in the first degree."

Did David confess? Or did some other fact come to light that led investigators to conclude the frail, meek-looking man who until recently helped criminals get back onto the straight and narrow had committed society's most terrible crime? Thus far, investigators are mum, other than to confirm that David is currently being held without bail in the Jeffco jail where he used to work.

Here's a look at David Reathman's mug shot, followed by the initial 7News report.

david reathman mug shot.jpg
David Reathman.

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Rob Payne
Rob Payne

Maybe his wife was suffering as well?

Donna Neville
Donna Neville

Sick ass mutha...put him away for the rest of his pitiful life! STOP DOMESTIC VIOLENCE!!!

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Rob Payne  ... so death ends suffering?

So much for the idiocy of the Death "Penalty", eh?

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