Photos: Denver Now showcases Mile High businesses -- as of 1982

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Big photos below.
Back in 1982, the Mile High City-set series Dynasty was the most popular show on TV, but only establishing shots were regularly filmed here. So what was Denver really like back then? We stumbled upon a regular time-machine of a book that shows us: Denver Now, described as "Denver's Business Showcase."

Unfortunately, many of the places highlighted below are long gone -- but the photos left behind are amazing in their beautiful cheesiness. Set the WAYBAC Machine for three decades ago and check out the results below.

Hills Gallery

Formerly at 3113 East 3rd Avenue, Hills Gallery boasted "a varied inventory of traditional and contemporary images from masters such as Ansel Adams, Eliot Porter, the Westons and selected regional photographers." Like, for example, the person who shot this image of the sexiest man who ever lived, in the most erotic pose imaginable.

Seyfer Engineering

"Pride and distinctiveness are not the only benefits to owning a classic car," begins the pitch for Seyfer Engineering, which could be found at 7000 Raleigh Street back in the day. Presumably another one of the perks of piloting a Rolls was attracting the sort of models seen here. They're presumably waiting with exquisite boredom for animal-rights activists to splash red paint all over them.

Heritage Square Opera House

These days, the performance space at Heritage Square is known as a music hall, not an opera house. But that doesn't mean La Traviata was the sort of thing regularly found on the bill during the Reagan era. The Denver Now item reveals that "the heart and ham of it is their outrageously 'revised' melodramas -- classic melodramas of the likes of 'Billy the Kid' or 'Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde' turned upside down by the hilarious pen of G. William Oakley." Do you think he's the bug-eyed bartender, or the guy in front of him who looks like a cross between Kurt Vonnegut and Gallagher?

Continue to see more Denver Now business photo showcases from 1982.

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I've photographed a few b list celebs weddings in Colorado.

Nick Wilson
Nick Wilson

I still miss Celebrity Sports Center too

Half Aspen
Half Aspen

I've tried but I just can't remember the 80's. I was still clearing my head of the fog from the 70's.

Pam Burton
Pam Burton

Oh yes, that is exactly how I remember Denver back then

Mike Sisk
Mike Sisk

I would have loved to take my kids to Celebrity Sports Center and I like Larry Green.The rest not so much.

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