Edwin Ernesto Rivera Gracias, local add to FBI's Ten Most Wanted list, surrenders

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Big photos below.
Just a couple of weeks ago, we noted that Edwin Ernest Rivera Gracias, suspected of committing a brutal murder in Jefferson County circa 2011, had been added to the FBI's updated Ten Most Wanted list.

Gracias didn't stay there long, however. He surrendered to the FBI in El Salvador and is now back in Colorado to face charges that could put him away for the rest of his life. Look below to see photos, video and details of the crime that resulted in a $100,000 reward being put on his head.

We wrote about the murder of Richard Limon, 69, and the subsequent arrests of Raul Nunez-Sota, Tina Louise Moya and her teenage daughter, later identified as Nena Moya, back in August 2011. As we noted at the time, Limon's body was spotted by two cyclists riding the Lariat Loop.

richard limon crime scene.jpg
The crime scene.
Back then, the connection to Rivera Gracias wasn't immediately known. But according to 7News, citing an arrest warrant, he was a key part of a plot against Limon, whose own rap sheet was 51 years long -- and the connections between the parties was definitely creepy.

Moya, Tina Louise (101272) Jeffco1st degree murder.jpg
Tina Moya.
Examples? Moya was married to Limon, but she's said to have told people he was actually her father, presumably so they wouldn't look askance at her dalliances with Nunez-Sota, her boyfriend. She and Nunez-Sota lived together in a West Dakota Avenue house, while Limon was restricted to a recreational vehicle in the driveway.

Meanwhile, Rivera Gracias was dating Nene Moya, who was seventeen at the time of Limon's death. According to the affidavit, he hated Limon because he'd allegedly molested Nena when she was a kid and sexually assaulted her mom.

Tina Moya reportedly wanted someone/anyone to kill Limon, and finally, Rivera Gracias and Nunez-Sota agreed, attacking him in the bed of the RV. The first lethal idea involved suffocation -- wrapping his head in duct tape and punching him until he gave up the ghost. But when that didn't work after fifteen minutes or so of struggle, they resorted to a messier methodology, with Rivera Gracias retrieving a steak knife from the house and repeatedly stabbing him.

Nunez-Soto, Raul (082664) Jeffco 1st degree murder.jpg
Raul Nunez-Sota.
Afterward, they dumped Limon's body near the Lariat Loop, the duct tape still on his face and the steak-knife's blade broken off in his chest. Then, the next day, the killers returned to the crime scene and booted the corpse a little further down the hill, in the hope that it wouldn't be seen.

Not exactly a perfect crime -- and within the week, everyone other than Rivera Gracias was in custody. In the end, Tina Moya and Nunez-Sota pleaded guilty to second-degree murder and a violent crime count, earning 36 years and 48 years behind bars, respectively, while Nena got two years in youth corrections on an accessory conviction.

Continue for more about the surrender of Edwin Ernesto Rivera Gracias, including more photos and video.

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This is my gfs Facebook but I was his cellmate for a couple months in Jeffco. He didn't seem like a bad guy and regularly read his Spanish bible and drew great art. He also shared his commissary with me a white boy and told me he didn't do it and turned himself in because someone told him he was on the fbi ' s most wanted list. He's been in jail over a year already and his case is set for trial in September. I just don't get why he would turn himself in if guilty. He just said he did construction and talked about the poverty that has plagued El Salvador since the government there started using us dollars. Not a dumb or bad guy at all and even if he did kill a child rapist how does this qualify him for fbi's Most wanted. Conspiracy much???

Roberta J Repasz
Roberta J Repasz

maybe, hopefully, he has come to his senses & wants to change.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

If this guy were White, the gun-loon rightwingnuts and teabaggers would be cheering his vigilante justice upon a child-molesting rapist lowlife criminal.

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