Edwin Ernesto Rivera Gracias, local add to FBI's Ten Most Wanted list, surrenders

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FBI Denver Special Agents escort Rivera Gracias from plane.JPG
Courtesy of the FBI
FBI agents from Denver escort Rivera Gracias from the plane that brought him back to Colorado.

During this period, Rivera Gracias was in El Salvador -- but shortly after he was named to the Ten Most Wanted list, he surrendered and was subsequently transferred to U.S. custody at the FBI's Legal Attaché Office in San Salvador.

FBI Denver Special Agents transfer custody of Rivera Gracias to Jefferson County Sheriff Office detectives.JPG
Courtesy of the FBI
The feds hand over Rivera Gracias to Jefferson County Sheriff's Office reps.
Afterward, he was flown to Denver in the company of FBI agents, who then turned him over to Jeffco officials. The first hearing in his case was yesterday. In the meantime, he's cozy in Jefferson County Jail.

Here's a 7News report about Rivera Gracias, followed by his Ten Most Wanted listing, complete with a tattoo on his hand featuring Nena's name.

Continue for the FBI's original Ten Most Wanted listing for Edwin Ernesto Rivera Gracias, including multiple photos.

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This is my gfs Facebook but I was his cellmate for a couple months in Jeffco. He didn't seem like a bad guy and regularly read his Spanish bible and drew great art. He also shared his commissary with me a white boy and told me he didn't do it and turned himself in because someone told him he was on the fbi ' s most wanted list. He's been in jail over a year already and his case is set for trial in September. I just don't get why he would turn himself in if guilty. He just said he did construction and talked about the poverty that has plagued El Salvador since the government there started using us dollars. Not a dumb or bad guy at all and even if he did kill a child rapist how does this qualify him for fbi's Most wanted. Conspiracy much???

Roberta J Repasz
Roberta J Repasz

maybe, hopefully, he has come to his senses & wants to change.

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

If this guy were White, the gun-loon rightwingnuts and teabaggers would be cheering his vigilante justice upon a child-molesting rapist lowlife criminal.

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