Photos: Eenie Weenie Bikini contest marks Copper Mountain's 40th anniversary

eenie weenie bikini contest 205x205.jpg
Big photos below.
By the time most of us are forty, we're not exactly eager to model skimpy swimsuits, especially during the wintertime. Some parts shrink. Others get pointy. The human body's not exactly consistent, is it?

That didn't stop Copper Mountain, though. To mark its fortieth anniversary season, the resort sponsored the Eenie Weenie Bikini contest, an event that debuted back in 1986. Look below to see photos courtesy of Copper Mountain's Tripp Fay, and click to view the complete Eeenie Weenie Bikini slide show.

Photo by Tripp Fay

eenie weenie bikini contest 2.jpg
Photo by Tripp Fay

eenie weenie bikini contest 3.jpg
Photo by Tripp Fay
Continue for more photos from Copper Mountain's Eenie Weenie Bikini contest.

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I see these pictures support substance abuse.

David Kotzebue
David Kotzebue

Last day at Vail. Snow gets in the top of your boots.

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