Photos: FBI's top fugitives arrested within the Denver division

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richard allen hunt mug shot.jpg
Richard Allen Hunt, number

Richard Allen Hunt
Dates listed: 5/27/59-6/2/59
Kidnapping, assault with intent to commit murder

"Hunt was arrested by the local sheriff in Thermopolis, Wyoming, after a citizen recognized Hunt from a Wanted Flyer."

lohman ray mays jr mug shot.jpg
Lohman Ray Mays, Jr., number 391.

Lohman Ray Mays, Jr.
Dates listed: 2/15/85-9/23/85
Bank robbery, escape

"Mays was arrested in Cheyenne, Wyoming, by local police."

chester anderson mcgonigal 156.jpg
Chester Anderson McGonigal, number 156.

Chester Anderson McGonigal:
Dates listed: 8/14/61-8/17/61
Attempted murder

"McGonigal was arrested in Denver, Colorado, by the FBI after a citizen recognized his photograph in a newspaper."

Continue for more of the FBI's top fugitives arrested within the Denver division.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 "although, strangely enough, there are fourteen of them. Guess math wasn't their best subject. "

LOL! ... oh, that's rich Michael...the blogger who repeatedly asserted that there are 128 eighths in an ounce... whose blogger cohort adamantly asserted that a container of water holds 3x more than its maximum volume.


WW Reporters + Math = Epic Fail!

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