Photos: FBI's top fugitives arrested within the Denver division

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jack harvey raymond 88.jpg
Jack Harvey Raymond, number 88.

Jack Harvey Raymond:
Dates listed: 8/8/55-10/14/55
"One of the top bad-check artists of modern times," according to the Miami News

"Due to an FBI investigation, Raymond was apprehended in Denver, Colorado."

james ray renton 340.jpg
James Ray Renton, number 240.

James Ray Renton:
Dates listed: 4/7/76-5/9/77
Murder, bond default, parole violator

"Due to an FBI investigation, Renton was arrested in Aurora, Colorado."

john william sherman 367.jpg
John William Sherman, number 367.

John William Sherman:
Dates listed: 8/3/79-12/17/81
Sherman allegedly participated in bombings and robberies associated with a notorious radical group.

"John William Sherman was arrested in Golden, Colorado while he was getting into his car outside his residence."

Continue for more of the FBI's top fugitives arrested within the Denver division.

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 "although, strangely enough, there are fourteen of them. Guess math wasn't their best subject. "

LOL! ... oh, that's rich Michael...the blogger who repeatedly asserted that there are 128 eighths in an ounce... whose blogger cohort adamantly asserted that a container of water holds 3x more than its maximum volume.


WW Reporters + Math = Epic Fail!

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