Photos: FBI's top fugitives arrested within the Denver division

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ernest tait 23.jpg
Ernest Tait, back again at number 133.

Ernest Tait:
Dates listed: 07/11/51-07/12/51, 8/16/60-9/10/60

"Tait was arrested in Miami, Florida, by the FBI as a direct result of an Associated Press (AP) story published in the Miami Herald and the Miami Daily News. After being apprehended, Tait said he had intended to shoot it out with the police, but he had read the AP story about himself stating he had been added to the 'Top Ten' list and decided not to try to shoot it out with the FBI."

raymond edward young 26.jpg
Raymond Edward Young, number 26.

Raymond Edward Young:
Dates on the list: 11/12/51-11/16/51
Burglary, assault with a dangerous weapon

"Due to FBI investigation, Young was arrested in Denver, Colorado. Young worked nights at a bakery and was apprehended while loading bread trucks."

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DonkeyHotay topcommenter

 "although, strangely enough, there are fourteen of them. Guess math wasn't their best subject. "

LOL! ... oh, that's rich Michael...the blogger who repeatedly asserted that there are 128 eighths in an ounce... whose blogger cohort adamantly asserted that a container of water holds 3x more than its maximum volume.


WW Reporters + Math = Epic Fail!

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