Idiot's guide to JaVale McGee: Ten things you need to know about the most bizarre Nugget

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Last night, your Denver Nuggets beat the Chicago Bulls for their twelfth straight win -- and the person who locked up the victory, by blocking an in-bounds pass with less than a second left, was none other than JaVale McGee, who is quickly becoming one of Denver's (and the NBA's) most popular players.

In an attempt to shed light on the Nuggets' intriguing (and eccentric) rising star, we have compiled a top ten idiot's guide to understanding JaVale McGee. Begin the countdown below.

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10. He makes a lot of silly plays
McGee's ball-handling skills are great -- for a center. But that doesn't mean he should try to run the break when he grabs a rebound. Shaq had this problem, too; it's the grass-is-greener syndrome. Small guys want to be taller. Big guys want to be more agile. McGee has made such a name for himself as a bonehead; he appears nearly every week on Shaq's feature, Shaqtin' a Fool (though, to be fair, just including him has become a joke in and of itself). McGee still has a tendency to goaltend, do too much on offense or too little on defense.

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9. He's shooting 100 percent from three-point range this year
He's only shot one so far, but damned if he didn't sink it, and right at the buzzer in a big game against the Clippers. JaVale was actually a decent three-point shooter in college at the University of Nevada. His high school coach believed that JaVale was primed to be a (huge) small forward due to his coordination and shooting ability. He's a long way from being a serviceable NBA three-point shooter, but he should be able to develop a decent mid-range jumper that would enhance other aspects of his game tremendously.

Continue for more of our idiot's guide to JaVale McGee.

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David Kotzebue
David Kotzebue

Multiple personalities. His shots should count double!

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