Photos: Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods are dating -- and changing their Facebook status

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tiger woods and lindsey vonn 205x205.jpg
Big photos below.
In recent weeks, rumors that Vail skier Lindsey Vonn had hooked up with golfer Tiger Woods were snowed under by word of Vonn's wipe-out at the world championships in Austria, where she suffered a severe knee injury; see our previous coverage below.

Now, however, Lindsey and Tiger are refocusing on love, or at least the pursuit of it, by announcing on Twitter and Facebook that they're dating. Included are a series of photos that look like engagement pics -- but let's not rush things! Check them out below.

Elin Nordegren wiki cropped.jpg
Elin Nordegren.
As you know, Eldrick Tont "Tiger" Woods' seemingly unstoppable run as the planet's greatest golfer -- and perhaps the best of all-time -- came to a crashing halt, literally, in late November 2009, when he rammed his Escalade into a fire hydrant and a tree, among other things.

This incident seems minor in and of itself, but the mishap led to a series of revelations about infidelity on a jumbo scale.

Hard to know why Woods was cheating, since many of the women who subsequently stepped forward to announce that they'd gotten horizontal with Tiger shared the blond hair and Nordic features of his wife, Elin Nordegren, albeit typically with a lot more signs of bad road on them.

Come to think of it, Vonn exemplifies this particular model of homo sapien thanks to her undeniable athleticism, which has made her one of the United States' most decorated winter athletes and Olympians. And while she's certainly a global personality, she continues to call Colorado home.

In recent years, Vonn has been linked with plenty of eligible famous people, including Tim Tebow -- a story she denied on Twitter. But no such denials surfaced in regard to Woods, and now we know why. Yesterday on Twitter and Facebook, she shared the following photo....

tiger woods and lindsey vonn.jpg
...and this message:
I guess it wasn't a well-kept secret but yes, I am dating Tiger Woods. Our relationship evolved from a friendship into something more over these past few months and it has made me very happy. I don't plan on addressing this further as I would like to keep that part of my life between us, my family and close friends. Thank you for understanding and your continued support! xo LV
Did Woods reciprocate with public dating confirmation? Oh man, did he ever.

Continue for more about Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn's dating announcement, including more photos -- plus our previous coverage.

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I never realized how humungous Tiger Woods' teeth were... Wow.

Bill Black
Bill Black

She's blond, sure, but she ain't Elin. Not by a long shot.


Compare photographs between Michael Jackson & Tiger Woods .

Who's whiter ???


I'm waiting for all the 'black guy on skis' jokes to begin ....


What I find interesting is the fact that Tiger and LV went public after the media announced Elin was dating Chris Cline!!! Ragarding LV it looks like she is willing to put up with anything for the sake of MONEY$$$$!

Brandon Charles Haug
Brandon Charles Haug

lol that vonn girl must be a slut.. last I heard she was dating clay matthews.

Tracy Strode
Tracy Strode

Smart on her part imo. It would take like 200 downhill and super-g podiums to equal the amount of money she could score off just 1 divorce!

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