Marijuana: See three-plus years of Mile Highs and Lows photos on video in under four minutes

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mile highs and lows video image 205x205.jpg
Video below.
I was doing some cleanup and recycling dozens of green and blue plastic medicine jars containers laying around my house when it hit me: I've been through a lot of different herb in the last three years. Though we didn't run bud pictures in the first few months of our reviews, they've been a staple since late 2009. In that time, we've photographed nearly 400 strains of cannabis for Mile Highs and Lows -- most all on the exact same Ball jar lid. For this week's Friday 4:20 post, we present all of those photographs in three and a half minutes. Check out the entire gallery below.

What strains are they and where did they come from? Head all the way back to the start of our Mile Highs and Lows archive to find out.

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About as interesting as examining a box of dirt clods.

Far more fascinating would be photos of the plants themselves flowering.


So which one was/is your favorite?  I'm feeling Ire after just seeing all those nugs!

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