Raven Furlong search: Aspiring teen model still missing, but car found in L.A.

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Big photos below.
Last month, we told you about the search for Raven Furlong, a missing seventeen year old from Aurora. Like Kara Nichols, nineteen, and Kelsie Jean Schelling, 21, two other women whose whereabouts are also unknown, she had a profile on a modeling-related website.

The latest? Furlong's car has been found in the Los Angeles area. But from there, the mystery only deepens. Look below for details and photos, along with our previous coverage.

Here are the details Furlong shared about herself on the website Model Mayhem:

The Basics:
located in Denver/Aurora
will travel if expenses are considered
My hair is short and pink right now, but it changes a few times a year.
no tattoos or piercings except my earlobes and a star on my wrist, but I am interested in alternative modeling, and I have tattoos on the way (shoulder & rib piece).
My ethnicity is not "other". :) I am European (Irish, French, Swiss, German) and Native American.
I love to do make-up and art.
raven cassidy missing poster march 2013.jpg
A missing poster featuring three photos of Raven Furlong.
She adds:
A bit more about me:
I'm pretty much a newb, but I believe I have great potential.
I'm looking to build my portfolio, and I want to explore many different types/styles of modeling.
Furlong's loved ones have spent much of the time since she vanished coordinating help through the Help Find Raven Cassidy Furlong Facebook page and trying to get media attention for their plight. And these efforts appear to have paid off. Here's the start of an item from the page, time-stamped late last night/early this morning:
RAVEN UPDATES: This past week we received some reputable tips following the interview on Jane Velez-Mitchell on HLN that made our independent investigation believe Raven may be in California. But it was this past weekend after receiving a parking ticket from Venice, CA that led us to investigate the possibility that Raven was in Southern California. After communication with the Pacific Division of the LAPD in Venice, that prompted Raven's mom and stepfather to fly immediately to Los Angeles.
Here's a photo of the car:

raven furlong car.jpg
The Facebook post includes this account of what happened after Raven's mom and stepfather arrived in Southern California:
Sgt. Parks at the LAPD had someone watch Raven's car until her mom arrived; for over 12 hours they sat and waited for their daughter to arrive. But at 9 a.m. this morning, no one returned to pick up the car. We have no proof anyone has been with the car since 6 p.m. Friday. Inside the car items found of Raven's appeared as if she may be with the car, but the disturbing items belonging to others raised more issues and unanswered questions continue.
The items found in the car include a pair of men's shoes:

raven furlong shoe.jpg
Raven's mom subsequently conducted an interview with KKTV, the Fox affiliate in Los Angeles, and she's hopeful that the publicity this broadcast generated will lead to more clues. The report notes, however, that Raven is only weeks away from her eighteenth birthday, and if she's found after that but doesn't want to return to her Colorado with her parents, she'll be within her rights to do so as a legal adult.

More important information from the Facebook page:

Raven, if you see this please call your mom. If anyone knows of Raven's whereabouts, please call 911 or 1-800-THE-LOST immediately.

There is a $1,000 reward for information leading to Raven's whereabouts, if you would like to stay anonymous contact NWCAVE's Missing Persons' Division Director Shelley Shaffer at 360-852-8019 or email her at tips@nwcave.org.

Look below to see more photos of Raven Furlong, followed by our previous coverage, including photos and video.

raven furlong with dog.jpg

raven furlong with long hair.jpg
Continue for our previous coverage, including more photos.

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I hope this turns out to be a runaway situation & she's found alive !!!

The locating of her vehicle could be a clue or sign of her going to 'Holly Wood' to perhaps make it on her own as a t.v. or movie star .

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