Rhonda Eisenberg, ex-teacher, allowed to write former student whose child she bore

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Photos, video below.
In July, we told you about Greeley high school teacher Rhonda Eisenberg's arrest for sexual assault in a case involving what was at the time an underage student.

Eisenberg subsequently pleaded guilty in the matter, and she was sentenced yesterday. But the resolution of the case was complicated by two facts: The student fathered Eisenberg's child, and he's now legally an adult, who a judge will allow to exchange letters with the woman convicted of assaulting him. Photos, video, the original arrest affidavit and more below.

As we've reported, Eisenberg, 44, began teaching Spanish at Northridge High School in 2000 -- a gig she supplemented with instruction in the subject at the Engage Online Academy.

According to the aforementioned affidavit, the Greeley police received what is termed an "online information tip" last July 13 about Eisenberg. After stating that a student had been living with her in 2010 and 2011, it reads, "Several months before he graduated, she gave birth to a Hispanic baby without any other male in her life. Co-workers and family all suspect that she had a sexual relationship with him while he was a minor under her care....

"She continues to work with teenage boys," the note added.

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A photo of Eisenberg from her now-deleted Facebook page.
Acting on this information, a Greeley PD detective headed to Eisenberg's home and saw her "leaving the residence with a juvenile Hispanic child" -- an observation that prompted an interview the next day.

The affidavit maintains that Eisenberg knew the conversation was voluntary -- and during the course of the chat, she's said to have admitted that the student had been living with her; she'd been designated as guardian by his parents, who resided in Mexico. She added that the two of them engaged in sexual intercourse on approximately twenty occasions beginning before he was legally an adult.

She's also quoted as conceding that the student was the father of her child and was continuing to assist her in the baby's care. Nonetheless, she told the detective that "she knew having sex with [deleted] was wrong due to his young age."

Earlier this year, Eisenberg pleaded guilty to one count of attempted sex assault on a child by a person in a position of trust -- and in court yesterday, she apologized for her actions.

And someone else spoke to the judge, too.

Continue for more about Rhonda Eisenberg's sentencing, including a video, the arrest affidavit and more photos.

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Will the child be 'home schooled' ???

She HAS a reason NOT to TRUST teachers !!!


She committed a victimless crime, ages of consent are arbitrary.

Tony Tafoya
Tony Tafoya

why didn't any of my teachers bare my child? I should sue them all .

DonkeyHotay topcommenter

Why wouldn't consenting adults -- who share a child -- be allowed to converse ?

"She added that the two of them engaged in sexual intercourse on approximately twenty occasions beginning before he was legally an adult."

Fact -- one doesn't have to be a legal adult to engage in legal sexual intercourse in Colorado.


DonkeyHotay topcommenter

@Tony Tafoya "... bare [sic] my child"


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